This and That…

We’ve had a little bit of sunshine and good thing I grabbed my camera in time to capture it for all to see.

On Tuesday I made a trip to Costco after Bible Study and was happy to see they had Season 3 of Downton Abbey that was just released here in the U.S. Now I won’t have to wait until Sunday to see the next episode.

I’ve heard about this series from a few people on Facebook, too and decided to give it a try. Have any of you seen this series?

Lest you think all I do is watch T.V. let me share that I’m also reading a Biography on Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxes. What an extraordinary man he was.

We have rain and more rain in the forecast for a few days. How about you rain, snow or shine?

12 thoughts on “This and That…

  1. Yes, I like Downton Abbey, too! Sunday’s episode made me cry. I started to watch one episode of the other one and got interrupted, so don’t know about A rain storm is in the forecast here for this afternoon. So, my plan is to go to work early, get done and get home!!

  2. I have read all the spoilers, but I’d far rather see it on DVD. Have heard great things about the midwife program as well. Someone said that PBS was going to rebroadcast Larkrise to Candleford, too. Good times. Oh, I think Bonhoeffer was in incredible man and I’d love to read his biography. Yes, great thing that you documented the sun. That’s what I was doing on today’s post as now we’re right back into the soup.

  3. I DO watch a lot of television, but I have not seen the midwife program. I will admit to being a slave to sitcoms. Seeing how silly some of those situations are makes me feel a WHOLE lot better about my own life! 🙂 I like that “log” basket. It looks right at home filled with hydrangeas! It’s snowing and blustery here this morning after enjoying temps in the mid-70s just 2 days ago. Sigh! 😦

  4. Ooo – I need to go to Costco …… Haven’t heard much about “Call the Midwife” but it sounds good too. This is such a great way to watch TV because the regular programming is such a waste of time for the most part!

  5. Makes me want to run to Costco!
    Freezing here in San Diego. Well, in the 50s with beach area humidity that feels much colder than freezing temps with no humidity.
    I am missing some great snowfall at home.

  6. We just started watching Downton Abbey over Christmas. There are so many tv channels and I was never really into the British ones before. A friend from my hometown married an actor on Doc Martin. Ever since my parents LOVE the British shows. I have never heard of the Midwife show. I love reading Bonhoeffer…a biography would be interesting. Two days ago we had freak76 degree record high temps, then a day of rain and this morning snow. We are over 20 inches behind in moisture so we are very thankful for anything we get. I think I’ll go request that book from our library. I do love reading the old masters of faith.

  7. I’m still waiting for my hold in the public library for DA S3. But, hey, I don’t mind waiting with the masses every Sunday night to watch one single episode. Need the whole week to sink in, esp. after E4. What a heart wrenching episode.

  8. I’m also a Downton Abbey fan, as you know and, judging from the photos on the DVD cover I think it may have been based on a book I’ve read with the same name. It was a teriffic read!
    My latest DVD purchase was the “Brother Cadfael Series”. I have read and re-read that series of books by Ellis Peters and have enjoyed them every time.

  9. It is pouring rain here and water is standing everywhere. The temperature is supposed to drop 30 degrees over night. It is way too warm for Jan. but it certainly has felt good!
    I never watch TV……but I just finished the Bonhoeffer book….a fantastic man. I would love to get my hands on the midwife book but so far I haven’t found it in a library.
    Farm Gal in SW VA

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