The Sisters At it Again!

It’s been a very long while since my sister Lana G.! and I have ventured out together to a Goodwill sale. Last week when she mentioned it was Martin Luther King, Jr. Monday (which means a day off for some workers and a big sale at Goodwill) and we should go to Goodwill together I agreed.

We put on our serious shopping colors or should I say non-color and headed to the Bellevue Goodwill bright and early. We weren’t the only ones with this idea and shopping carts were at a minimum. I wish I would have taken a photo of the cart we shared. It was overflowing!

Here’s just some of my stash. I also bought several dress shirts for Dear to try on. He kept about 10 of them. Another great find were a nice pair of Naturalizer shoes that didn’t look like they’d ever been worn for $7.00. I’m enjoying wearing them. Those very high heeled Steve Madden shoes are for our daughter Katie to try when she comes to visit. They are fancy dancy and were just $4.00 after the 40% discount that was offered on this day. When I brought home those 6 lavender goblets I found 4 more in my cupboard so I now have 10.

I’m thinking I would be asking for disaster if I tried to wear these…

It is our tradition that the person who spends the most on these shopping sprees has to buy the other person lunch. This was the very first time that I was the winner and I had to buy lunch. The photo at the top of the post is of Lana and me from her I-Pad. We were just about to enjoy our lunch at Essential Baking Company inside the University Bookstore in Bellevue. We had a very good time laughing at ourselves!

Hope your last week of January is starting out well.

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27 thoughts on “The Sisters At it Again!

  1. Looks and sounds like a fun time! You got some great deals. I am never so fortunate, but they tell me I need to go more often. You and your sister have the same smile! 🙂

  2. What a great picture of you girls! I really need to go into the city and check out some of the goodwill shops. You get amazing finds. I haven’t worn any kind of heel for years. I love being a flat lander.

  3. You both look as if you’re mirror images. (Loved the quick visit I took to your sister’s blog…gorgeous images with the scriptures…wonderful.) Oh I think you had a great haul. Seriously great.

  4. Cute as buttons, you two!!!! What a great haul!! The goblets alone would have been worth the trip and the hassle for me! It’s great to spend time with friends – whether they’re related by blood or not – and do things that make you smile!

  5. Looks like two sisters building some great traditions. I think the heels have to go!! I can’t imagine you wearing them…although they are as cute as a button.

  6. Sounds like a great day!

    I love the goblets.

    I am with you on the shoes. Oh my, I don’t think I ever wore that high of heel. Most definitely won’t be giving it a try these days.:-)

  7. That’s a recipe for a really good time – sisters and thrift shops. What fun! I’ll bet Katie will adore those shoes. They are definitely for young legs.

  8. Great fun!! Can’t wait to see the table setting you put with the goblets and the teared black piece. Bellevue and Goodwill should make for some goooood shopping!

  9. Such a fun outing and I love the lunch buying tradition. I think I have those very same goblets except in different colors. I was putting tea lights in them. :v)

  10. Dig those sister times…..of laughing, shopping at thrift stores and lunching…..too fun! Good finds! I’m going to join you one of these days.

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