The Young and The Old…

My almost 90 year old parents flew to Dallas to visit my brother’s family and to celebrate their youngest granddaughters 5th birthday. Here are some photos that Leonard and Mandy shared with all of us of my folks with our reigning princess Hope!

Fun and frightening all at the same time!

Glad Hope was flying and not my dad!

They were able to take part in Hope’s Pizza making and cookie decorating birthday party with 15 young guests. I’m tired just typing about it.

Here are the 3 of them at a Russian Restaurant in Dallas. My parents made it home safe and sound with great memories of their time with Hope and her parents!

Wow here it is the last day of January. We’re hoping for a fun filled February. How about you?

15 thoughts on “The Young and The Old…

  1. This is so marvelous! Your parents are just amazing. I had to smile about feeling tired just typing about the 5 year old’s birthday party – I remember!!!
    Enjoy your day – I’m having a storm day at home – yeah!!

  2. They are amazing! What a heritage. Hope is so blessed to have had them come and to have Grandpa on the trampoline. Wow. (Bet it scared you just a titch.)

  3. Your dad is very brave! How fun for Hope! Isn’t it wonderful when our elderly parents just keep on giving of themselves for our little ones . Like Vee said, they will always cherish the memories.

  4. WOW….I’m in shock seeing your father on the trampoline. That’s great!!! I’m in awe. So thankful they could make the trip. The party sounds exhausting to me. WOW, I keep going back to look at that picture. That is amazing. What a great memory. Our girls recall my hubby’s dad playing tennis with them in his 70’s…and yes, he ran a bit. They still talk about it.

  5. Hope is a cutie, and your dad is a very brave man! What treasured memories Hope will have them being at her b’day party and her granddad on the trampoline! laurie

  6. I love the enthusiasm of your father. He knows how to live it up and the kids will always remember jumping on the tramp. Numbers are not relevant any more, it’s what’s in the heart.

  7. Wow, look at your Dad! It reminds me of hubby’s Mom until the last couple of years of her life, always joining in with the grandkids and great kids. She had so much gusto. I’m sure Hope will tell stories of that day when she’s grown up!

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