Semper Fi!

On Sunday after a great church service (the goat is gone!), we headed to Palisade Restaurant in Seattle to celebrate Andrew’s promotion to Corporal.

You might think that coming off our second Christmas on Friday and Saturday with great food and fun we’d take a day off from eating. Silly thoughts those would be. We enjoyed another great get-together around food with all our kids and my nephew Caleb (from California) with his girlfriend Marie (from Washington).

Katie and Andrew…our new Marine Corp. Corporal!

Our son Dan with daughter Katie and Son-in-law Andrew.


Our nephew Caleb with his girlfriend Marie and our son Josh and daughter-in-law, Laura.

We have 3 more days with Katie and Andrew visiting with us. Our son Dan will be heading back over the mountains tomorrow. We’ve had a wonderful time together despite some sicknesses going around. I have more shots to share from Palisade after our meal at the Marina with the Space Needle in the background. Tomorrow is another day. I’m so thankful that Dear has the next two days off so he can recuperate from a head cold that was shared at work. I’m hoping that it stops with Dear and isn’t shared with me…

Hope you are all well and ready to usher in the New Year!

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

17 thoughts on “Semper Fi!

  1. It would seem that congrats are in order! Oh I wish that people who are sick would stay home. It would make so much sense, but we’ll never change the world I suppose. Hope that two days of resting at home will help. Echinacea…who said that!

  2. Congratulations to Andrew! What a happy way to celebrate. Your plate of food looks scrumptious.
    I hope the cold stops in its tracks and you escape it. Happy New Year, Ellen!

  3. I am glad you and your family are having such a wonderful time together! Blessings to you all for more of the same in 2013.

    Josh and Laura are sharing a halo in that last shot!

  4. Congratulations to Andrew on his promotion! That really is wonderful!!! You have a really good lookin’ family, and I’m glad you guys were able to get together and share time (and a LOT OF FOOD!!!) this holiday season! Happy New Year!

  5. Oh Man! Head colds are going around everywhere. I’ve had one for about a week now so I feel for your Dear and hope he gets better VERY FAST.
    Ellen B, I think you have some of the most beautiful children I’ve ever seen. They always have such happy expressions.
    Congratulations to Andrew!!!

    xoxo cori g.

  6. What a treat it must be to have your daughter home from the other side of the country! Of course you had to continue the feasting!

  7. No, I wouldn’t think you’d take a day off eating and festive family gathering… eat, drink, and be merry, that’s right out of the Bible isn’t it? 😉 But it certainly helps when you have so many wonderful restaurant choices out there. Have a great New Year celebration, Ellen!

  8. I can see that it was wonderful to enjoy your family just a little bit later, and yet it looks like there were more than just one celebration. Truly when family comes together, just enjoy each other for all their accomplishments. The best to you in the New Year as you treasure and savor those moments.

  9. Congratulaitons Andrew on earning your blood stripes. Thanks for serving our country. A true USA hero…Happy New year all.


  10. What a joyful time to celebrate such an honor with Andrew!
    And, AMEN to what remains constant and everlasting!! Jesus is our example of truth unto the ages and ages!! :))

  11. It seems we never get tired of eating either as the holidays saw us not only consume 2 huge homemade meals but several restaurant meals as well.

    Congrats to Andrew!

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