The Perfect Scene…

…to display beneath the star.

I bought this flag at the Evergreen Fair a couple years ago and realized that flying it wouldn’t allow anyone to really see the scene.

We decided to try it attached to the window below the star. We liked how it looked during the day and we waited to see what it would look like at night.

We were happy with the result.

 I went with decorating light with the tree this year. I pulled out very few of our collected ornaments. Since the majority of our kids aren’t arriving to celebrate till after Christmas I think light is good.

Now to the mundane…something is going on with my back which is slowing things down around here. Another good reason to go “light”. I haven’t uploaded photos from our anniversary dinner out yet so I’ll share on another day. I’ll also take some photos of our tree to show.  No baking in my kitchen yet. How are your festivities and decorating shaping up.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

16 thoughts on “The Perfect Scene…

  1. That came out great! Praying God aligns your back as He created it to function, relax all muscles and restore free movement. In Jesus name! I almost have my shopping done….on to wrapping and a bit of baking for hubby’s office.

  2. Ellen, that looks really fantastic…it pops and you have shared the true meaning of Christmas. Now, about your back, are you resting with your knees above your hips (recliner time) a few times a day and preferably with a ice gel pouch on the offending spot? It works like a charm for me. And prayer is great, too. I’m “amen-ing” Pam’s prayer.

  3. Oh Ellen – that looks fantastic! Did you “back light” the flag? It looks so great!
    Sorry to hear about your back….that’s not nice at all. Take care of that.
    No baking here as yet although as I type my Nuts ‘n Bolts are roasting in the oven! Got one gift made today and few more to buy. The tree is up but not yet decorated …. 10 days till Becky and Patrick fly home – eek – still a lot to do!

  4. hah perfect place for the flag, looks nice during day and night. take time to rest and focus on other things… hope your back heals well.

  5. That looks fabulous! It really captures my vision of that night in Bethlehem! I really hope your back is feeling much better soon. I know how that kind of pain can really slow you down. I had to stop with my decorating whether I felt like I was truly finished or not because of my shoulder pain. It’s one thing if stopping is voluntary…something completely different when your body hands down the edict! Feel better!

  6. I love the star and manger combo…especially nice in the night photo.
    A simple tree for you and for me. Not much baking either. A huge string of my lights on the already decorated tree has burned out….it will remain that way for the season. It’s not about that ….right? Why did I fret at the first sight of it…..some things just don’t matter enough….I’ll follow the star to the manger and think of the Greatest Gifts beautiful. Praying for you back.

  7. Beautiful! Still working, but have been able to squeeze some time every day to do some Christmasy stuff with Miss Baby. She is like a sponge when it comes to learning Christmas carols.

  8. How pretty! I’ve never seen a flag like that. I wonder if I could make something similar? Stay tuned for about five years, and we’ll see! :o)
    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  9. Back problems are so difficult to deal with as every move hurst! I hope you feel better soon –often rest is the only thing you can do to help it.

    My decorations are extra light this year but it’s OK –I enjoyed many Christmas sights in NYC yesterday!

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