Christmas Casual

We’ve been enjoying Christmas Casual in our Kitchen/Dining area. I bought those fun button up napkin rings at Crate and Barrel and I think they go perfectly with the napkins Judy from My Front Porch gifted me with last Christmas. I have 2 of each napkin design.

Our meal out for our anniversary was nice but it’s one of those places that we won’t rush back to. I did try a couple things I’ve never had before and was not disappointed. I had never had Farro grains before and they were prepared nicely with salted beets and lemon. The dishes were small enough that we decided to also have dessert which was a panna cotta with hazelnuts.

I’m happy to report I got our Christmas letter done. Now to address and mail the cards…

We’ve gotten a few Christmas cards already. Since I took this photo there are a few more hanging. One new addition this year that we are enjoying are our remote controlled battery operated candles that I bought at Costco.  It’s fun to light them all with one push of the button and knowing they don’t need to be watched as carefully as traditional candles.

Hope you are already experiencing Christmas blessings…

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

13 thoughts on “Christmas Casual

  1. I KNOW you must be enjoying the ease and safety of those candles!!! What a wonderful invention! I love my LEDs, and I’m just waiting to snag a bunch of remote controlled ones that I can bury in arrangements! The napkins are really cute. I like how they are all just a little bit different but complementary. You have given me a good idea on how I might display our Christmas cards. Hmmmm….that’s always a conundrum around here, but I like what you’ve done! Glad you enjoyed your anniversary dinner!!!!!

  2. Happy belated anniversary! It sound slike you had a nice dinner celebration.

    I will be writng my Christmas cards tomorrow–I am late this year!

  3. Oooh! I like that string and clip idea for hanging the cards! And I’m a bit envious that you are ready to send out your cards. Will you come down and help me??

  4. Great row of candles and wee houses…looks charming. I am enjoying my battery operated candles as well. So much easier! Everything is looking festive and Christmasy. I finished my Christmas cards last evening…at last! Good feeling isn’t it?

    You can say a lot when you’re not saying much…the anniversary restaurant. Well sugar! Sorry it didn’t live up to expectations.

  5. I love looking at your table decorations. We don’t have an official dining room and hubby doesn’t like the kitchen all filled with things as he does his computer stuff there so mine is pretty bare.

    I saw those candles at Costco but didn’t realize they were remote controlled. I have to go see if they have any left!

  6. Things are looking festive around your place. The napkin rings are cheerful and bright for those casual meals.

    I like candles, but mine are the old fashioned kind that I light with a match. The LED ones just don’t do it for me. Your arrangement of houses and candles is very pretty on the ledge.

  7. It’s looking wonderfully festive at your house, Ellen. Love those napkin rings and your casual Christmas table. The place mats on the table have me imagining pancake breakfast with lots of children around, for some reason!

  8. Love that line up of candles and Christmas houses. Battery powered candlesare the best invention since bread! Ellen, thank you so much for your prayers for our family. laurie

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