The Oyster Capital…

…of the world is right here in the state of  Washington, at least that’s what the sign says.

We couldn’t leave without trying some of these oysters from the oyster capital. They were good, plump, and fresh. I’m not the biggest oyster fan and even I thought they were good. Here are more sights from around the small town of South Bend on Willapa Bay.

Seafood processing plants were in abundance. We went into one of the retail shops at this plant and bought some canned garlic jalapeno wild caught albacore. Haven’t tried it yet but I’m thinking it will make a great filling for a sandwich.

We spotted this great building looking up the road from the main drag and drove up to investigate.

A wonderful view from the courthouse. It was worth our stop in South Bend on our way home from the Long Beach Peninsula.

Tuesday I was back to Women’s Bible Study and it was nice to see friends from our last study again after our summer break. Looking forward to the new season and deepening some friendships.

How will you be spending the waning days of summer?

3 thoughts on “The Oyster Capital…

  1. How are we spending the last days of summer? Well, in a fit of periodic madness, we are in the midst of redoing the en suite bathroom in the guest room. Right now, we are sink-less and awaiting the bead board so I can finish painting the walls …. and then my poor long-suffering husband gets to install the pedestal sink. But I know it will be lovely when it’s finished — he does beautiful work and it always looks great! xoxo

  2. Glad you enjoyed the oysters…I just can’t!! My Hubby loves them though. Nice pictures of a pretty place. I will be working and baby sitting grands. I may be making a quick trip to Tenn to help my son and his family move to a new house…or I may just entertain the little girls while others help them move. I think I like the sound of that better!! 🙂 We have plan to do an addition to our house and some remodeling. We are waiting now to get the price from our contractor to see if we can afford it!! So, I think there will be enough going on to keep me busy!

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