Adios Pears and Summer!

I’m going to participate in Kathleen’s Let’s Dish this week with a table set for Dear’s birthday and a show and tell of what I did with all my pears from my tree.

A combination of lavender and green with the last of the fresh lavender from my bushes for the center of the table. I liked the look of the round shimmery green placemats I bought on clearance at Fred Meyer for 99 cents each. The purple glasses and green glasses are from World Market. The napkins are from Anthropologie but I purchased them at Goodwill.

Now for my pear experiments…

Quartered fresh pears tossed in sugar and quick cooking oats, butter, lemon juice, and a little flour. I topped that mix with pastry shells split and laid on top and baked till the shells were golden.

My first pear tart looked good but the crust was wrong…

My second pear tart that I made for Dear’s birthday dinner was more successful. The crust is a keeper and I’ll be posting the recipe on Mennonite Girls Can Cook in October.

Pear sauce goes a long way. Here it is with buttermilk pancakes. Yummy. We also had fresh cut pears with lemon juice and sugared lightly as a topping for buttermilk pancakes. I finally pulled out those strawberry bordered plates to use before fall is upon us. I bought them at Goodwill.

Last but not least a few cups of fresh pears peeled, cored, and chopped then sugared well for my last addition to my Smirntopf! This will be ready to enjoy at Christmas time personally and as gifts…

Hope your last weeks of summer are going well…

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

20 thoughts on “Adios Pears and Summer!

  1. Ellen~ I can barely look at your beautiful lavender and green table for your tempting and delicious pear tart! It’s picture perfect and that crust…oh my!

  2. Okay, Ellen. I just decided that I’m coming to your house for a week so I can sit at your beautiful tables, eat off a different set of china every meal, and tuck into your delicious food! That pear tart did it for me, but I might stay until Christmas so I can have some of that Smirntopf! K? 😉

  3. Beautiful table. Belated Happy birthday! The green and lavender looks wonderful. Lovely linens! Love the look of your tart. wow. Can’t wait for the crust recipe too. Smirntopf… We called them Rumtopf growing up… different spirits?

  4. Lovely post and everything is so tantalizing! Each pear idea is one I would love to try but the tart is my favorite. The birthday guy must have enjoyed all the lovely and tasty pear desserts. I love your mentioning Fred Meyer for I especially liked shopping there while we stayed the summer in Oregon with my son. He has currently returned to a new job in Texas. The place mats are just perfect with the colors in the beautiful tablescape and a great price!

    Thanks, Pam

  5. Can’t wait till you post the recipe for that wonderful looking pear tart!!! Your Smirntopf looks awesome!!!! I ran out of room in mine so had to add the peaches and the plums to a seperate jar – your large jar was just Right!!! Having a great week leading up to the wedding!!! Will post some pics as soon as I can.

  6. Whoa! You must have had bucket after bucket of pears!!!! That’s a lot of yield!!! Wonderful! I’m glad you are enjoying the literal fruit of your labor! 🙂 I love the lavender and green. Very pretty and very soothing to the eyes. The tablecloth is really pretty!!!!!!

  7. Wow, that pear tart looks wonderful! I can hardly wait until the recipe shows up. Pear sauce sounds good, too. Isn’t this such a bountiful time of year? Such abundance.

  8. Both pear tarts looked fabulous and delicious! Your lavender table, plus a couple of purple ones this week, have me thinking I need to add some of that shade to my collection!

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