We are so grateful that God brought us safe to Camp Lejeune and that Katie has her and Andrew’s keys to their new home.

It was no easy feat for the two of us to get all these suitcases off the luggage carousel at the airport, into the shuttle van, into our first hotel, into our rental car, out of the rental car and into the new home. We are both so happy to have that part of this journey over! Today we shopped till we dropped.

Tomorrow we have to attend a fire safety course on Base and try to get cable/internet services set up. Wow, we are heading into December already. Do you have your tree yet?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

24 thoughts on “Grateful!

  1. Whew—y’all won’t have to go to the gym for 6 months after hauling all that luggage! What an exciting time for Katie, setting up their first home. She looks so happy, and that’s wonderful. Have fun!

    And yes, our tree is up, and a pine wreath on the front door.

  2. No tree this year since we’ll be gone. But I did buy a little advent wreath.

    Hurray for the transfer of big bags! That’s a lot of luggage to ‘lug’ around! Now you won’t have to do any workouts the rest of the week.

  3. You and Katie could go into the moving business! Way to go!
    No tree here until the middle of the month because I leave it up until the Epiphany in January.

  4. What a beautiful home they found! Now that all the hard work of lugging the luggage there is over and done…you two can have some fun. I’m sure the house will look much different by the time you leave.

  5. Oh my heavens! What a lot of luggage for you two to haul. You must’ve eaten your spinach. Is that base housing? It looks wonderful outside and inside. I know that Katie will enjoy putting a home together for her husband and herself. She certainly looks happy!

  6. Wow, that is a lot of luggage! You all deserve a massage! :v)

    Katie’s house looks like a really nice place and I’m sure she can hardly wait to be all settled in.

  7. Must take efficient team work to get all those luggages hauled in and out of cars and vans and reach their final destination! But I can also sense the excitement and joy in helping your daughter settle in her new home. What a wonderful time to start something new… with Christmas coming and all the festive preparations. Have a wonderful time there, Ellen!

  8. Katie is so blessed to have you for her mom, and your help getting set up in her new home! That sure is a lot of luggage, no wonder you are relied to have it all safely in the new place…now the fun part comes…unpacking and setting up house. Enjoy your time together.

  9. I bet Katie is so relieved to be there and settling into her new home! I’m sure she’s very thankful for all of your support and help. Christmas tree, not yet. Maybe this weekend…

  10. I was reading back over several of your recent posts! What a busy time you have had! I hope that things are slowing down some and you are having fun! What a nice house your daughter and son-in-law will have!


  11. Very nice quarters! I am sure you will work with Katie to add some special touches, but I think it will look its very best with the addition of Andrew to the place.

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