As if…

…I needed it confirmed yet again, my name is Ellen and I’m horrible at crafting! I am real good at recognizing wonderful craft projects and appreciating wonderful craft projects. Not so fond of the mess and time it takes to create a craft especially when this is how my efforts turn out…

Please, go ahead and laugh because the 4 of us around the crafting table were rolling in laughter at my angry Matryoshka!

My sister Lana, Katie, Laura, and I had a great time laughing through our creating endeavors. We really had high hopes of making many of these little dolls but those hopes were dashed after 3 hours with only these to show for our efforts.

Even though we knew it would be easier and faster to create more after we worked through the process once,  we looked at each other and decided it just wasn’t worth it.

Just so you know that I can learn from my mistakes here is how my 2nd one turned out…she’s not as angry as my first one!

You might also find it cool that I did not pass on my crafting genes to our daughter Katie as you’ll see in the next photo of her Matryoshka.

Our time together was fabulous. We all needed that good kind of laughter that brings tears to your eyes. Yummy savory blintzes, pumpkin cookies, Monk’s brewed tea, and background music added a lot to our good time.

Earlier in the morning I took off for a 5.5 mile walk with a couple good friends of mine. When I returned home I was greeted with a new faucet in my sink that Dear installed.

His handy man skills are never in question! I’m looking forward to enjoying my new faucet especially since it doesn’t show spots like my old one did.

Hope you had a nice weekend. I’m thinking about my bloggy friends that might have lost power in that surprise snow storm back East. Hope you are all sitting in front of a cozy fire and drinking something hot!

I’m linking up with Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday . I think Mary might be one of the many people who have lost power. Hope you get power back soon Mary! Stay warm…

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

21 thoughts on “As if…

  1. Ha. I love your angry Matryoshka. 🙂 It’s much better than what I could do! She adds character and a bit of realism to the crowd. The main thing is that you were having fun!

  2. I think..that whoever gets your angry Matryoshka is lucky. Like my little KM would say..CUTE!
    The second one. .is much more peaceful looking . ..and then there is Katie’s. ..simply blissful.

  3. Oh glory, your angry one made me laugh too. I have learned that crafting is not for everyone. I do great on certain crafts but not others. So I’ve found a friend of one of our girls to do the huge Felt Advent calendar that I just couldn’t resist buying….little tiny ornaments hanging on each gingerbread home for each day. Did I mention TINY…with stitching and sequins. TINY I SAY! She loves it and I love to watch her….but deliver me from having to do that. I would say that your fun time together was the good that came from this little experiment in crafting.

  4. I laughed out loud here! Your second doll wasn’t angry-looking, but she did look a bit bemused, as in ‘I’m not sure what’s going on here’. I was feeling quite inadequate in the mother-of-the-bride craft area yesterday when I read about your plans. … now feeling like one of the crowd!

  5. I DID laugh! But I absolutely ADORE your matryoshka! I do, really! I also like photographs of crying children. So much personality, Ellen.
    Lovely faucet. Good husband!

  6. Oh, Ellen, I’m so glad you gave permission to laugh, because I laughed—hooted, more like it—at those angry eyes. I love it! The rest of them look much happier. I’m glad you had such a fun time together!

  7. It’s all about making beautiful, fun memories! This is definitely not a craft I could do – I do flower arranging – at least used to! There’s a time for everything!

  8. Hysterical! She is a little ticked isn’t she?! I think Freud would have a fun time with you, Ellen! Ha! So, I can probably rip up the little template that I just printed off, eh? I’ll take your word for it!

  9. Well I wasn’t going to laugh since I think that’s very rude but when I saw them all lined up I simply could NOT laugh!!! Oh dear! I’m laughing still, but as they say practice makes perfect and by the looks of your second one I’d say your making great progress ;-). Isn’t it wonderful when we can laugh at ourselves???

    xoxo cori g.

  10. Now you have us all laughing with you. I think they are priceless, actually…but it doesn’t sound like you plan to go into mass production any time soon!

  11. You just have a matryoshka with a bit of attitude, that’s all! But honestly, I think you should try it again making a bigger version. I have trouble doing tiny things like that too, and find that the bigger sizes are more forgiving.

    Angry matryoshka or not, you girls look like you had a grand time.

  12. Those are cute! Even the angry matryoshka! I have made similar Christmas tree ornaments and can vouch that they are a lot of work! I’m sure you had a great time doing what you did together. the time spent sounds like the best memory maker.

    Nice faucet, too! What a difference!

  13. Nothing better than a great laugh, and it sounds like y’all had a lot of great laughs. I believe that there needs to be an angry matryoshka in every group – just to keep things real, and I think all of them turned out so cute. Love your new sink and faucet. laurie

  14. Love the not shiny new faucet! Your dolls see cute and the scowling one makes the group more interesting for story telling purposes in the future. A real craft queen could make a doll that could be flipped over to show a matching smiling face.

  15. It must be wonderful to have your own personal handyman!

    Those cute little dolls do look like a lot of work! Crafting takes a lot of time, and I’ve never been one to want to spend time doing much crafting….but at least you all had fun, and lots of laughter, in the midst of all the hard work!

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