Sometimes It’s Fun to Be a Princess…

…or a Queen!

I’ve lived long enough to know that things can change and sometimes the change is abrupt. A good rule of thumb in life is to enjoy the days you are given. If things are especially nice why not just bask in it. When I consider things I can’t wrap my mind around like “the love of Christ, which surpasses knowlege” I am blown away. Considering what Christ has done for me is the best antedote to whatever comes my way. So I’ve had my Princess days and they are very nice. I’ve also had my dungeon days. Thankfully I knew they wouldn’t last forever.

On Saturday night my laptop got a nasty virus that took over and damaged many of my files, mostly my photos. Boohoo! Truth be told I’ve been thinking I needed a new computer with longer battery life and more room for my photos for a while. Anyhoo, on Sunday after church we went to Costco and bought me a new computer…yes I felt blessed that we could do that. Sunday afternoon we found someone to repair the old one so now Dear can use that one. He doesn’t store photos etc. so it will be great for what he does. There have been many seasons in our past where we wouldn’t have been able to replace a computer this easily.

My new computer has fingerprint technology that allows me to log into all my stuff including remembering my passwords with a swipe of one finger. Pretty weird and cool all at the same time. Dear says if I die he’ll have to cut off that finger so he can use the computer. If I die he can clean off my desk, too.

So I’m in a new learning curve around here with all this new technology. I also need to take some photos because my picasa is very very low on photos since my other computer ate them all up!

Hope all is well where you are…

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

10 thoughts on “Sometimes It’s Fun to Be a Princess…

  1. If this were facebook, I’m not sure I could ‘like’ it because of the loss of all those photos. But I definitely ‘like’ your new ‘puter!

  2. External hard drive…..GET ONE. Everything is backed up on my external hard drive….then I don’t have to think about that loss. I’m even thinking about one of the online services that hold all your photos….cause if we had a fire my external hard drive could be destroyed. The loss of pictures would be so sad. Hey, if you have a facebook with any pictures then they are still there……YAY for a new computer.

  3. Echo-ing Pam. Get a back-up drive! Congrats on the new model, but don’t risk loss again. I just bought a huge external drive at Costco for under $80. Money well spent. YOu have such lovely pics that it would be a shame to lose any of them.

  4. Perhaps you also need an exterior hard drive for storing pictures. I love mine and it promises me 50 years of time for loading it up. They’re around $100. Yay for a new computer for you and a hand-me-down for your hubby. Win-win all the way around.

  5. I hear you about getting comfortable with a new computer….and agree that it was a blessing to be able to purchase a new machine immediately.

    I had my pictures backed up on an external drive. In order for my new machine to access them it would require the external drive to be reformatted which my computer informed me would delete the drive’s content. I didn’t do that….instead I just freshly loaded all my saved chips, about twenty from the very first chip I ever used through my last one.

    I never ever delete my chip pictures after I down load them. Chips are not that expensive, take up little space to store and in a dire emergency they will all fit in my pocket as I race away. Call me paranoid but after living through three such moments I know I won’t be able to haul a computer or a back up external drive when I leave.

    Hope your blog will let you still own your best photos….another way to back up your pictures.

    • Jill, That’s an interesting idea about the chips. Are you talking about memory cards? I’ll have to dig out a couple of mine that might still have some photos on them. I do have a lot of photos stored in Photobucket and on Cd’s.

  6. I hate when that happens, Ellen B! I had to get a new one too since mine was s–l—o—-w. I hope you’re enjoying your new one and yes that technology sounds very cool and creepy all at the same time. Now, if you were required to scan your forehead…well lets just say, Go on to the next one.”

    Sorry about your photos. I finally bought an external hard drive to store mine on.
    xoxo, cori g

  7. Sorry about your photos…. but I am happy for you about your new computer! Looks really nice. And your desk isn’t all that messy… you should come and see mine. 😉

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