Reflections on the River Trail…

On Wednesday early afternoon daughter and I went to the river trail to get some exercise. Along the way I had some reflections.

#1. Why don’t I take more advantage of this lovely trail close by? Answer: I do not like to walk alone.

#2. If I had a dog I wouldn’t have to walk alone but for me the benefits don’t outweigh the negatives in my mind about owning a pet. Before you judge me too harshly I do appreciate the camaraderie between this row boater and his dog. I can appreciate the fact that you might love owning a pet.

#3. The Pacific Northwest is afforded so much green lush beauty. For some of you who might be envious right about now you also need to consider that we get our fair share of rain and gloom to achieve this beauty. For the record…I’m staying here as long as God sees fit to allow that.

#4. There are a lot of plants out there that I have no clue about.

#5. No matter how bad my hips feel right about now I praise God that I can still walk 3 miles or 6 miles. I won’t be joining any 20 mile a day walks, though.

#6. I really appreciate shade on a sunny day and enjoy the light that breaks through. Did you know that God refers to himself as Light?

#7. How can these wonderful blackberries be noxious? They are if they threaten native growth in protected areas because they just overwhelm the land wherever they grow. They spread like weeds…

#8. Herons seem so lonely to me…

#9. I enjoy bridges…

I’m thrilled my daughter had the time and the ambition to take this 3 mile walk with me today. Not only did we get some exercise that we really need, and some vitamin D which has been lacking in the Pacific Northwest but I got an R post for Alphabet-Thursday! My reflections might not be too deep but they R what they R….

I’m linking up with Jenny for Alphabe-Thursday


About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

28 thoughts on “Reflections on the River Trail…

  1. I so wish I could take this walk with you.
    I’d go every day. Such a lovely path underfoot.
    Beam me up.

    My walks are nice too, so we could alternate .
    What is 6000 miles between walking friends 🙂

  2. Great thinking going on here, Ellen. I don;t like to walk alone either and I also don’t have a dog. (Oh, and believe it or not, I also have a bad hip.) SO, over the past ten years I have sometimes walked with a friend who has a dog. Or sometimes I have babysat another friend’s dog and taken her for walks.

    I bet you have friends who would gladly let you borrow their dog for an hour or two now and then.

  3. What a beautiful place to walk. Kansas City is a VERY green city. There are lots of trees and the part of the metropolitan where our girls live has many trails. Our business just moved to a beautiful wooded area with trails that my hubby has started using during his lunch hour. But the girls are not interested in using the trails…there have been enough attacks to warn them off….so sad but a realistic part of this world we live in. While I LOVE having a dog I so understand it is not for everyone. Maybe God will give you a new walking buddy….take a self defense, carry some mace…..hmmmm, sad world indeed when trying to enjoy God’s beauty becomes tricky. You captured some beautiful pictures. I love the feathery looking plant….that is a new one. I keep thinking someday you’ll show pictures of blue poppies. They are supposedly well suited for the Northwest only. Thanks for sharing the beauty!

  4. Beautiful countryside! The Pacific Northwest offers so much – I would love to do more traveling there.

    A coincidence that you mentioned not caring to walk alone….I usually do but when I mentioned my recent walks while in the Upper Peninsula to my aging parents, they “reprimanded” me and said I shouldn’t do that – too dangerous. Never really thought about it but probably wise to have a companion…either a friend or one of our 4 legged fur babies.

  5. I enjoyed your walk…and your reflections along the way. A walk with two is so much preferable to walking alone! Enjoy your walking partner while you have her nearby.

  6. Your river walk could be anywhere up here – we live in a beautiful part of the world! I think your reflections are lovely.

  7. So you did get out…good for you! I agree, getting a dog shouldn’t be entered in to lightly. We adore our Koda, but she’s been more effort than you can imagine. It’s a real commitment; but it’s been good for us. I like to walk with friends, but I enjoy walking alone too. It’s a good time to think or pray. I’d have been tempted to stop and eat blackberries if I were you. Loved the heron and bridge shots! You never know about the 20 mile walks…one step may lead to another!

  8. Lovely walk! I miss walking with my daughter…sigh. Walking alone only works if one takes a camera along and imagines sharing the walk and what one saw with family and friends later. I wish more folks would post their hikes and walks, I really love going along electronically from my home.
    BTW…did you gobble a few berries along the way?

  9. I should be walking too. My excuse? A busy road and no one to walk with.
    Those berries might be a problem for the native plants but at the back of our property they are left to bloom and we enjoy the berries so much.

  10. Wonderful reflections I think. I like how you asked yourself “why?” and got the answer. I’ve been doing that more and it’s helpful. All too often we don’t get to the bottom of I don’t like to walk because my hips hurt and my back gets pinchy and I don’t like to sweat and I get thirsty. So perhaps I can premedicate, take a water bottle, and a cloth. Wow. I’ve taken care of all my excuses. Thanks!

  11. There is nothing more rewarding for me than to walk with my daughters and share the common bond of friendship…I loved the trail…When can we do it?
    Are you ready to join me on a 8km walk for MS on Saturday? I will think of you.

  12. Oh what a sweet post and YES!!! I am envious…even of all your rain ;-)).
    I think the Heron isn’t a lonely bird as much as he enjoys the solitude so he too can reflect on the beauty around him. Oh! There’s an R word…reflect ;-).

    xoxo cori g.

  13. Oh, what a lovely post! I miss going to Oregon. I would totally walk with you along those Emerald paths.

    This post brought back so many happy memories of vacations spent in areas exactly like that.

    I am going to start saving so we can come up next year!

    Thanks for a lovely share this week.


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