Snowflakes ~ Mosaic Monday

It’s always a surprise event when we see snow falling down instead of rain in the Seattle area.


We had some flakes falling from the sky today. They are threatening us with more for tomorrow. Time will tell. For the record ellen b. does not enjoy driving on snowy and icy roads, so if the threat of snow becomes reality, I’ll be in my house trying to stay cozy and warm on Monday. Some of you are really having snow events as usual for us it’s a novelty.

Visit Mary at Little Red House to join in on Mosaic Monday.

Photobucket replaced all my photos with ugly black and grey boxes and they are holding my photos hostage until I pay them lots of money. I’m slowly going through all my posts and trying to clean them up and replacing some photos. Such a bother.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

22 thoughts on “Snowflakes ~ Mosaic Monday

  1. Beautiful mosaic. We have one local weatherman who is making a name for himself nationwide with a new theory of weather predictions. He breaks the year up in seasons….last year he was dead on. This year….sniff, sniff….he says we will only get 8 inches of snow. I do appreciate that I do not have to commute. But I will be sad to not see much snow. I especially love the days when the world is shut down…no one can go to work or school…families stay home and rediscover each other….good wake up call to busy lives.

  2. Hey you cutie!!

    I love you snow shots– granted a wee smaller than what we got last night, but I am with you GF… slippery roads are not fun.

    But i couldn’t resist getting out and shooting the morning quiet! Now, had it been blowing and blustery…nahhh I would NOT have ventrued out.

    Hugs to you for Thanks giving.


  3. I have just been in awe of all the snow out West and a bit concerned knowing that it’s coming my way. Very pretty, though. I don’t blame you a bit for staying inside and being cozy.

  4. For someone like me who never sees snow falling, your photos are just beautiful! I can imagine though how horrible it would be to go out into it and attempt to drive on icy slippery roads. Make sure you stay safe, warm and snug.

  5. Ellen B. thank you for visiting my blog for Mosaic Monday. Yours is so pretty with the snowflakes. I, like you, prefer to be indoors rather than out when it’s icy, snowy, or cold.

  6. Just stay indoors…and keep taking pictures through the window. You may just be yearning for your California home by the time this winter is over!

  7. Wise choice to hunker down. I make it a polocy to never drive during a first snow. That is when so many accidents happen, after that folks get serious about getting good tires and slowing down. Stay in and enjoy the beauty instead.

  8. It looks so pretty, Ellen! I hope our snow falls will wait till January or February and then be light. Snow is more fun when a person is young!

    Happy MM! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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