Got Leaves?


It’s good to see that after some storms we had this weekend the maple tree is almost bare of it’s leaves. We only have one more huge leaf raking job till next fall. For the record, that maple tree isn’t on our property but I suppose since we enjoy it during the year we can suffer through the leaf waste during the fall. Do you have to rake leaves where you are? I’m glad our yard waste pick-up allows us to put out as many cans as we want.

Visit Mary at The Little Red House for Mosaic Monday.

Photobucket replaced all my photos with ugly black and grey boxes and they are holding my photos hostage until I pay them lots of money. I’m slowly going through all my posts and trying to clean them up and replacing some photos. Such a bother.

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25 thoughts on “Got Leaves?

  1. Maples are gorgeous and their leaves pretty whether on the tree or on the ground. But I can see how raking them up can take a bit of time! It’s been windy here and my patio is such that it collects all the floating leaves. So I have a wee bit of clean up to do but certainly not like you!

  2. We have only pine needles. When we were in WI a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to bring home some of the gorgeous leaves lying all over on the sidewalk. A day of rain thwarted my plan; no time to dry them so I could put them in my suitcase.

  3. We have few leaves to pick up – we have one small maple and one small chestnut and all the other trees are cedar or arbutus. I hope you jumped into at least one of the piles you raked!

  4. We have only begun our raking though some of our maples have most most…we’ll rake til Christmas and then have a short winter. Your photos are lovely.

  5. We have many maple trees and I mulch the leaves with the lawn mower the bagcatcher attached and put them on the garden. I do love your colorful fall mosaic.

  6. Even though I have only three trees in my garden and they’re all fruit trees, I still have leaves to rake. The plum tree seems to have outdone itself in dropping leaves this fall. Unfortunately, they’re not nearly as beautiful as maple leaves.

  7. Our sugar maple lost all it’s leaves a few weeks ago. The Norway maples are still hanging on to some… We compost our leaves for the most part…

  8. I enjoy seeing everyones photos of the lovely fall colors. I know the leaves make a mess, but we don’t the color down here — just the mess!!!! Lovely shots. Thank you! Have a lovely week.

  9. Oh I wish I lived near you. I would take all your leaves for my flowerbeds. I mulch them with the mower and spread them over the plants. The worms come up and take them down into the soil where they enrich the sandy soil in my yard.

  10. I’m just glad that we don’t have to hand rake our 1/2 acre. We do have some leaves and we like to make the yard a perfect height before winter but my hubby is kind of dreading the day that the 17 trees we planted all grow up and really UNLOAD in the fall. LOL

  11. Yes, leaves are always part of our fall clean up job…but often the wind takes care of that for us…but I’ll find out when I get home.
    Beautiful pictures.

  12. Ah yes. . .the leaves are coming down here as fast as we clean them up is a pretty time and well worth the effort. (especially as I watch from inside)

  13. Thanks, ellenb, for visiting and for your warm comment.
    Yes, I have lots of leaves in Massachusetts. My neighborhood has lots and lots of oak trees (that’s where I get my regular blog name, Oak Rise Cottage) Our hill also has maples — I have two in my backyard and their leaves are virtually all gone. However, the oaks hold on to their leaves, even through winter. So spring cleanup is when we are finally rid of them!

  14. Ellen, this is a beautiful mosaic with all of the beautiful colors of the leaves. Yes, we have to rake leaves, but it is so worth it to get to enjoy all of the beautiful color on the trees and on the ground. laurie

  15. I love maple trees and I love raking! LOL. Although that lovely tree looks pretty darn huge. I might not like it so much after raking all those leaves.

    We have 16 towering aspens in our back yard so we do get lots of raking in. But with the dayhome kids, the piles quickly get reduced to crumbs as we spend days playing in them and then hubby just mows them up.

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