A Special Monday in September…

Monday is my parent’s 67th wedding anniversary and my post for them will follow. In the meantime I’m posting a Mosaic and Blue Monday post from some of my photos from Minter Gardens in British Columbia, Canada.

Visit Mary at the Little Red House for Mosaic Monday.

Visit Sally at Smiling Sally for Blue Monday

21 thoughts on “A Special Monday in September…

  1. Sixty-seven years – lovely to think of the long-ago bride and groom. I was lucky enough to visit Minter Gardens with the best of hostesses in the spring – and maybe I’ll get one more visit in before they close at Thanksgiving.

  2. It feels so odd to actually “know” the place that you are showing. (Of course, I only feel as if I do from seeing it featured so often by all you MGCC gals!) Beautiful spot on this earth and I do hope that some wonderful day, I’ll have the opportunity to see it in person.

  3. Yea for your parent of 67 years…ours is 37 this week…
    Yea Minter Gardens. What a wonderful afternoon of memories.
    It was so much fun. Thanks for promoting our part of the world.

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