Round Robin Photo Challenge ~ In Motion

It’s time for another Round Robin Photo Challenge and this time around the theme is “in Motion”.  Click on the Robin above to get to the Round Robin Photo Challenge blog and see the participants for this challenge..

My daughter and I headed up to Canada this past Tuesday. We visited the Aquarium in Stanley Park and all my motion shots are from the Aquarium and of my daughter walking along the break wall in Stanley Park.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great Saturday!!

14 thoughts on “Round Robin Photo Challenge ~ In Motion

  1. Hi, Ellen! LOVED these photos from the aquarium…so mystical, so mysterious, so beautiful is the underwater world… Thank you for sharing this with us! So glad you’re having wonderful days! Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

  2. Hi Ellen 🙂

    Your daughter is so pretty! What lovely pics you chose for the challenge! I love the sea turtle, and it looks like autumn is starting to show you some color. That’s a very pretty little park. 🙂 Nicely done m’dear.


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