Holy Father, In Thy Mercy ~ Hymn

Holy Father, In Thy Mercy

Holy Father, in Thy mercy,
Hear our anxious prayer.
Keep our loved ones, now far distant,
’Neath Thy care.

Jesus, Savior, let Thy presence
Be their light and guide;
Keep, oh, keep them, in their weakness,
At Thy side.

When in sorrow, when in danger,
When in loneliness,
In Thy love look down and comfort
Their distress.

May the joy of Thy salvation
Be their strength and stay;
May they love and may they praise Thee
Day by day.

Holy Spirit, let Thy teaching
Sanctify their life;
Send Thy grace, that they may conquer
In the strife.

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
God the One in Three,
Bless them, guide them, save them, keep them
Near to Thee.

Words: Isa­bel­la S. Ste­phen­son, 1869. She wrote this hymn after his brother was sent to South Africa for health reasons. It was sung on the HMS Bac­chante, and pub­lished in the Man­u­al of Com­mon Pray­er at Sea, 1886.

ht: cyberhymnal

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

6 thoughts on “Holy Father, In Thy Mercy ~ Hymn

  1. We both choose hymns written by women after they had experienced difficult circumstances. It’s amazing how God can use those times for his glory.

    Spectacular window.

  2. Good morning Ellen B.,

    As I read this I was reminded of family who once walked with the Lord, but have walked away…Send Thy grace, that they may conquer
    In the strife.
    Such beautiful words of encouragement!

    I hope you have a very blessed day!!!!

    xoxo Cori G.

  3. What a beautiful prayer…and of course I love the stained glass window. I’m going to print that hymn off to put with my morning devotional things…good one to pray for some family members.

  4. I was thinking the same thing as Cori G and Pam. Sometimes others’ words express your own so well and it’s a good idea to use these words as prayers.

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