Mosaic Monday & Blue Monday~ Happy Flag Day!

Flag Day is Sunday and since our Mosaics go up on Sunday night I’m posting this one early to honor Flag Day here in the U.S.A. There’s a lot of blue in all my mosaics so I’m double posting for Blue Monday.  Thank you Mary for starting Mosaic Monday which is wonderful for a visual person like me! Click here to see more Mosaics. Thank you Sally for starting Blue Monday. Blue is one of my favorite colors. Click here to see more blue!

On Thursday I walked around the historic section of Oxnard and found some flags. The vignette of flags and Parfait were taken at our home in Washington over Memorial Weekend.


Now here’s some Blue from Maliblue, I mean Malibu! I was here with my bloggy friend Willow on Friday.


And on Friday night Dear and I headed over to the Greek Festival in town to get some good Greek food. We had Gyros and Saganaki (a great hard greek cheese, fresh cut from a large wheel sauteed with lemon and flamed with brandy and fresh lemon juice). OPA!  Oh I forgot about the Greek pastries we brought home, too. Can anyone tell me why I’m not losing weight??


Happy Flag Day and have a great Monday everyone…

Photobucket is holding all my photos that I stored on their site from 2007-2015 hostage replacing them with ugly grey and black boxes and asking for a large ransom to retrieve them. It is a slow process to go through all my posts deleting the ugly boxes.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

46 thoughts on “Mosaic Monday & Blue Monday~ Happy Flag Day!

  1. OPA!!! Oh, we have Greektown here in Detroit. That cheese is great! Also have a bakery with a whole bunch of baklava and Greek pastries. We will be heading there next weekend! Can’t wait! Your pictures are great!

  2. When I was little I thought everyone put out their flags for my birthday…I knew flying the flags everywhere was for special occasions….certainly my birthday qualified. :o) I love all the Malibu family says I’m a left over hippy/flower child…might even go for the crazy Venice area. Greek foods are some of our favorite. Looks like a grand weekend.

  3. Hi Ellen, what terrific mosaics! I love that flag gate, and those beautiful turquoise Adirondack chairs… oh, and I’m drooling over that wonderful pastry! I think I may have gained a few pounds just looking at it… 😉

  4. Hi Ellen, I was in Malibu Lagoon last month and it is what I posted today. Very beautiful and lively colors. Your first collage is so patriotic. Happy Flag Day!

  5. The flag gate is so clever, I want one just like it! the colors of the Malibu collage are very tropical and I love the whole palette, but I whizzed right past the Greek pastries. I already feel a couple of pounds heavier. ‘~)

  6. Love the flags.

    We went back to Malibu yesterday and chose some chairs 🙂

    I think this comment will come up as willowknits…

  7. Ellen,
    wow three great Mosaics. I love them all but if I had to pick a favorite the flag one would have to be it. Hey…this would also make a great ‘Three Or More’ post *smile*.
    Have a wonderful Monday,

  8. Your Flag Day mosaics are so beautiful Ellen, I am a big baklava fan, looks like everyone had a wonderful weekend, happy Mosaic Monday, Kathy.

  9. I really need to get my little point and shoot digital either fixed or replaced. I have my big camera but it isn’t convenient to take everywhere. These are lovely mosaics and what great blues of all shades!

  10. Howdy Ellen
    Yippee what a fun post today.
    I really had a fabulous time.
    What awsome photos for anyone and everyone today 🙂
    Your amazing.
    Have a great week.
    Happy Trails

  11. All of the mosaics look beautiful! I have to say, though, forget the cheese – just give me a piece of that baklava! Yum!

    Happy Blue Monday!
    Robin@Miscellaneous Thoughts

  12. Wonder photographs attractively arranged into lovely mosaics as usual. Multitasking makes sense to me … and the yellows in your 2nd and 3rd collages could easily fit Mellow Yellow Monday. Although I love blue … somehow I’ve never participated in Blue Monday though I’ve just come across a new Midweek Blues meme I’m thinking about joining … maybe. I combined Mellow Yellow with Mosaic Monday (and Today’s Flowers) at HRG … then created a Mosaic with Monochromes and a touch of Red at Small Reflections … just because I love experimenting this way. Looking at your lovely views make me think of getting in my Explorer and driving north for a few days ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

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