Happy Birthday Dan!

Happy Birthday to our son Dan. Dan was born 28 years ago today, on a Friday, at 12:30 in the afternoon. We barely made it into the delivery room and were just inside the doorway when he had to be caught. The nurses just didn’t believe how fast I tend to dilate from 5 to crowning. It’s fast people.  This wasn’t the first doctor I shocked. (JUDITH!!) Daniel’s doctor was so upset that the nurses didn’t call him on time that he hit the hospital floor yelling and cussing at them. When he continued his diatribe through the very quick delivery and with Daniel on my tummy, Dear leaned over, covered Daniel’s ears, and said “Don’t listen to him”. I thought that was so great on Dear’s part and it made the doctor finally shut up!

Our son Dan is a hard working strong man who can make us all laugh with his wit at the most unsuspecting times. We love you Dan!

Photobucket is holding all my photos from 2007 to 2015 hostage and has replaced them all with ugly black and grey boxes asking for a ransom to have them re-published. Such a frustrating bother as I go through each post to delete the ugly boxes.

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12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dan!

  1. My original due date with my son was tomorrow Jan 17th. But he arrived exactly 4 weeks early on Dec 20 instead. Also 28 years ago. I think you mentioned to me on my post about my son’s birthday that your son was going to be 28 this month. If my son didn’t decide to come early, we might have had our sons almost on the same day. Hard to believe they are grown men now, right?

  2. Happy Birthday Dan. By the way, my Dad’s name was Daniel (always called Dan) and my brother is also a Dan. I noticed a Judith in parenthesis in this post. That’s my sister and my daughter’s name.

    When my Judith was born my family was in NYC seeing my sister Judith in a show. My mom didn’t want to go for fear my baby would be early (my parents lived in the same town as me). I said, no way a first baby will be early. Well my daughter was born right before everyone left their hotel and my sister’s apartment for the show. We managed to catch them on the phone. We always said my Judith was the only one who could upstage her Aunt Judith with her early birth. For some reason your story reminded me of all that. Sorry if I babbled.

    Carver! I really enjoyed your story about the two Judiths in your life!! Thanks for sharing it. The Judith in my post was the nurse that was assisting my doctor in the delivery of our daughter Katie. She had just left the room and Dr. D. checked me and yelled Judith! because Katie’s head had crowned…

  3. Love that delivery story. Ours was fast.. 13 minutes after we arrived. It was so fast that when I went to go home I couldn’t find my shoes… the nurse laughed. She had been a nurse the night I delivered. She said, “Dear, that’s how I know you were seriously about to have a baby. It was 33 degrees and you showed up with no shoes!” Yep, I couldn’t stand, so had crawled to the car… didn’t realize I had no shoes till I actually needed them. It still makes me laugh because I like to have shoes for “every occasion.”
    Happy Birthday to both your boys!

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