ABC Wednesday ~ Mary Magdalen Church, Camarillo

M is for St. Mary Magdalen Church in Camarillo, California


In my Sky Watch #10 Post I mentioned that I was trying to get inside St. Mary Magdalen Church in Camarillo to see their historic stained glass windows. A few Sundays ago we went to the church grounds to buy some home made Mexican food at a fiesta they were putting on as a fund raiser. While there I was thrilled to see the church doors open and I went inside and was able to finally see and take pictures of these amazing works of art.

Here is an excerpt written in a historical site about the windows.

“The most notable chapel fixtures were its magnificent 13 stained glass windows.  These azure, crimson, green, and gold windows tell a double story — one of the life of Christ, the other of a world at war.

While on a trip to Europe, Juan Camarillo selected the windows in Munich, Germany. The year was 1913 and the early rumbles of the continent gathering its strength for conflict were growing with each passing day. Somewhere between the studios of glass-blower F. X. Zettler of Munich and the church on a hilltop in faraway Camarillo, the stained glass windows were lost. Zettler’s name can be seen at the bottom of the windows depicting the Holy Family (east side) and Christ with the children (west side). Despite the best efforts of the Camarillo family through consuls and ambassadors, the windows appeared lost forever. Mrs. Carmen Camarillo Jones recalled that her uncle Juan feared they were at the bottom of the sea. One day a letter arrived from a German official. This official in Munich had been noticing several large crates staked outside a building with Juan’s name on them. He had written Juan several letters and finally one got through at the end of Word War 1. Much to the joy and relief of everyone, the lost windows had been found. However, it was a painfully slow and long trek to Los Angeles, and then on to Camarillo, before they were finally installed in the thick brick and plastered chapel walls in 1919.”









After I had been in the church for about 5 minutes the caretaker came in and closed the doors behind me I figured my time inside was over.

To see more of the outside of this historical church click here.

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Photobucket is holding my photos hostage from 2007-2015 and replacing them with an ugly black and grey squares demanding money to release them, so frustrating.

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47 thoughts on “ABC Wednesday ~ Mary Magdalen Church, Camarillo

  1. Those windows are truly magnificent! I did not know any of the history of them. I was inside the sanctuary a couple of years ago on a quick tour. I wish I’d spent more time noticing the stained glass.

  2. What a gorgeous church. I have always loved stained glass windows and they way the look with bright sunlight shining through them. Thanks for the great pics.

  3. Hi Ellen
    These windows are stunning…. I regular visit old graveyards and churches here in the north west of England… and I am amased at just how many of these great works of art are vandalised and need protection on the outside….. I came across one church that had been empty for a while and found great parts of the views in the window scattered around… it was sickening to see it so.

    It is such a pleasure to see then in all their glory…. the craftmanship is something of great interest to me… I will call back and view these in detale later.

    Mine’s Here

  4. Thank you for that great post…I love churches and stained glass windows…

    and I will be thinking of you all in LA…esp near the fires…and pray that they will be under control soon without more loss of life!


  5. Such gorgeous windows! Although not Catholic, I wish our Protestant churches would install such beautiful reminders of why we’re there worshiping! 😀

  6. We sure don’t see windows and architecture like that around our church!! ( It’s not that we don’t want them.) The story they tell is true to the art!

  7. Hi Ellen,

    It’s me again… I actually didn’t know there’s April Cornell stores! That shows you the size of town I live in compared to where you are in WA an CA! 😉

    The April Cornell quilt is going to be the largest size I have ever made — I hope I am able to meet the challenge.

    Have a great night! 🙂

  8. What a beautiful church! It’s so ironic that whenever I think of Camarillo I think of the mental hospital (I don’t know if it’s still there). This is because, when we were children, my sister’s favorite insult was “You belong in Camarillo.”

  9. This was such a great look inside the church. I remembered some of your outside shots which made it even more fun to be taken in for these beautiful photographs.

  10. Beautiful church. It is hard to get really good pictures in a church without a great camera. These are awesome photos. I feel like I was walking through it.

  11. Old churches are so photogenic. You were very lucky to get inside to take pictures of the windows. I invite you to come see my “Margy’s Mouse Mechanism”. — Margy

  12. I love the history of these places. I want to be there right this second and you bring me there.
    You can take me around the world with this blog.

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  14. I am part of SMM class of 1970. We are planning a 40 year Reunion… I was hoping you would allow me to post some of your picture and comments on our facebook page: SMMReunion40.

    Thank you for your consideration, peace, Lisa

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