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48 thoughts on “WW ~ My Hydrangea

  1. I love this focus shot of the hydrangea.
    I found out yesterday while reading, that these flowers actually change colors of their flowers with different soil PH levels. Interesting!!

    Elaine, Yes, this hydrangea was a gift from a friend in a pot and it started out pink. After I planted it in the ground it changed color…

  2. I have a Nikko Blue but it hasn’t been blue since I planted it. I need to look up what I need to add to the soil to get it back to blue. We hit the 100’s the last two days and I’m having trouble keeping my baby watered—it is so sensitive to this crazy heat. Wonderful close up, thanks, have a grand day!

  3. This is such a wonderful example of the parts being greater than the whole! I love the look of hydrangea flowers, but the little individual flowerets are amazing. The range of purples and green are so beautiful.

  4. Hi, Ellen! So lovely catching up with you here and seeing you colorful photo post…your hydrangea is beautiful. We have one just like this one–I love each day as the colors subtly change…Happy Days :o)

  5. Hi Ellen, Happy WW! This is a very pretty flower and picture, did you find this hydrangea in Washington?
    Thanks for visiting, and for watching your step 🙂

  6. Me again, Thanks for your comment and I had to come back and say, for the record I don’t have Mrs. Robinson’s aspirations either. The funny thought was if I’d started my family younger, I could almost be those kids in my WW post’s grandmother.

  7. Oh your hydrangea picture is wonderful. Such a good macro shot. . I’ll have to go outside and have a look to see if my hydrangea is feeling ready for her photo shoot.

  8. I love this Hydrangea shot! Is this what the flower is called? I like photo of flowers; that why in one project I did, I used a lot of photos of different flowers. 🙂

  9. Hi Ellen B.,
    I meant to comment on yuor beautiful hydrangea last night, but I seem to be suffering from ADD. They are beautiful. One of my favorite flowers and I love the way the word sounds.
    Have a blessed Wednesday,

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