ABC Wednesday ~ A is for…

A is for Apples and Apple Trees


These photos are of the apple tree and apples on the tree in our yard in the State of Washington. Here are some interesting facts about apples in Washington State.

State Fruit
Washington is the nation’s top apple-producing state, so it is appropriate that the apple was named a state symbol in 1989, the centennial year. A favorite fruit around the world, the apple comes in many different colors, sizes and varities. From the beautiful blossoms of spring, to the heavily laden branches in autumn, the apple trees of eastern Washington represent one of the largest industries in the state. The Washington apple is certainly one of the most recognized symbols of the state worldwide.

This begins Round 3 of ABC Wednesday.

You can now find all the posts for ABC Wednesday here.

Photobucket is holding all my photos from 2007-2015 hostage on their site and have replaced my photos with black and grey boxes of ugliness. I’m slowly deleting those boxes from my blog and trying to update so many posts, very frustrating.

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

9 thoughts on “ABC Wednesday ~ A is for…

  1. Fantastic! Our apple trees wont be ready for a month but when they are ready I will be making apple pies galore, and apple chutney!
    Chutney with savouries!

  2. Hello Ellen,

    Apple is my all times favourite fruit and I want to eat one after I’ve seen your beautiful photos! (It’s now 2 o’clock in the morning in Istanbul!)

    In my country, Turkey, we have a kind of orange that we call “Washington orange”. I wonder where this name comes from. Is Washington also an orange-producing state?

    Have a very nice Wednesday!

    Best regards,


  3. Good evening Ellen B.,
    I’m running late on my blog hopping, but wanted to stop by. What beautiful shades of green your apples are. Is that just one tree?
    I’ll bet your in heaven being there at home.
    Hey, I just had a thought…if you had a mind for cheating you could reuse (or is it re-purpose now?) those lovely green apples for the letter “G.”
    Have a wonderful evening,

    🙂 Cori

  4. So glad you stopped by my ABC on Mrs. Nesbitt’s new site. Of course, I had to come see what you do. Your apples collage is wonderful and beautiful.

    But I LOVE the name of your blog! Happy Wonderer. Happy, yes, it’s so good. And wonderer? I’ve always embraced the philosophy that a day passed when something isn’t learned or wondered about is really a day wasted. Your title? Perfection in my eyes! Must go now and explore your blog!


  5. My granddad used to have apple trees in the backyard. I miss my Grandma’s homemade apple pies, applebutter and apple cake. Oh, I joined ABC Wednesday this week.

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