Fun Monday ~ Walls

Jan from the Prytz Family is hosting Fun Monday on June 16th. She says… The subject is walls. We all have walls of some sort. What I want to hear about and see, if you’re going to show off your amazing photo skills, is what is on your walls, what color are your walls, what is special about them, what is your favorite or least favorite, is it inside or outside.


I am very fortunate to be married to a talented man who was a professional house painter in a former life. He has moved on to a new profession but his skills remain amazing in choosing and applying paint. I chose to show you the walls in our 1 bedroom condo in California. Our living room is a tan color. It was a can of Ralph Lauren oops paint from Home Depot ($5.00). My favorite print on the wall in the living room is our skyline/waterfront of Downtown Seattle. I really like the Blessed Tin Sign and the candle holder on the Norwegian Blue that the kitchen area is painted.

We really love checking the oops paint when we’re ready to paint. The Kitchen is another color that we found in the oops bin. Norwegian Blue for $5.00 a gallon.

Our bedroom and bathroom are a color called Mother Nature and we paid full price for it. No nice greens in the oops pile this time. This water color on the wall is done by Dear’s Aunt Carol.


It’s hard to get the photo to show the true color. The color reflected in the mirror is truer to the color.


This is part of an old dresser from my grandmother. We salvaged it and Dear added a shelf to the bottom of it and it is hanging in our dining area of the condo. The photograph reflected in the mirror is a self portrait of our daughter. She completed this for an art project in college.

Hope you enjoyed the little tour of my condo. Remember not to be afraid of painting your walls. You can always re-paint if the color is really bad or when you get tired of it :0)

For more Fun Monday Walls head over to Jan’s.

Photobucket is holding all my photos I stored with them from 2007-2015 hostage. They have blacked out all those photos on my blog posts. OH BOTHER! I’m slowly cleaning up my posts.

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21 thoughts on “Fun Monday ~ Walls

  1. Hi Ellen,
    This sounds like fun! Can I join? I love looking at peoples walls! Your husband did a great job with the oops paint!
    Have a great Father’s Day with “Dear”

  2. Considering I am a creative person our walls are neutral throughout the house, in UK it is called Magnolia. however I once did have a change and went for antique cream! LOL!

  3. Love the entry…the whole entry for this week’s Fun Monday…but that mirror with the art work showing is totally awesome. And ummmmm, you got Ralph Lauren paint for $5?!!!! Be still my heart.

    Come see my walls if you dare.

  4. Love it – what a fun post!!! I love what you and your husband have done on the walls. Love that antique piece made from your grandmother’s dress!!! A lot of my walls are painted with kind of the same shade of yellow too – (a bit mustardy?). I would love to put up wallpapers for this house, but the walls are simply TOO high, unlike my previous home. I have read somewhere that the color yellow in paint was quite a novelty in the colonial days – so a lot of the richer homes were painted with the mustardy yellow color.

  5. I just love everything you’ve shown us. The mirror is lovely and what you have done with the dresser top is amazing. Your daughter is a very talented artist.

  6. I love the colors you have used. I did my living room in Copenhagen Blue and have never tired of it. Your Grandmothers mirror is beautiful.
    Have a great week.

  7. The colors and the decor are very nice! I didn’t even know there was an oops paint area!! I’ll keep that info for later.
    We have bought paint at Metro recycling in Portland. It’s about $5. a gallon and they have barn red!! :))
    You have a cozy home away from home that looks like a very peaceful place!

  8. Lovely colorful walls … elegantly decorated! I love the Norwegian Blue especially and the mirror is marvelous! I struggled with this task, but eventually managed to pull something together by this afternoon at Small Reflections.
    Hugs and blessings,

  9. I love your colors! they all go so nicely together and are so pretty. I never thought to look in the mistakes. It always seems like it takes us so long to pick a color from all those samples, we just couldn’t go and pick a color just hanging around! I do love color, though. we painted our family room in our old house “bee balm red” and loved it, despite warnings from our family.

    I also really love that Blessed sign. So neat. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home with us!

  10. Your colors are very soothing and lovely. I love the description
    “oops paint” – I have never thought about checking those bins but next time I need paint I shall remember to look there.

  11. Before I even started reading your post thought okay, there’s someone in this house who knows paint–as well as about the oops bin. I couldn’t even say which is a fav because when I scrolled down the next was even better. You also have lovely art on your walls, but I’d be happy with blank walls with these delicious colors.

  12. I love your colors!!! I will have to check and see if we have an oops bin here… I’d like to have something wonderful for 5.00! (I’m a good housepainter myself!)

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