Fun Monday ~ Happy Childhood Memory

Molly is hosting Fun Monday this week. She says…

I have the great honor of hosting Fun Monday this coming Monday, June 9th. For your assignment tell us about a happy memory from your childhood. If you have pictures, please show us your pictures.


When I was little the cousins would all pile into one car and head up to Big Bear, California or another mountain destination and camp. I’m the one sitting on the table. These were happy childhood memories.

On the bench in front: Valia my cousin, my sister Vera, my cousin Walter, my cousin Alex, me on the table, across the table on the bench- my Uncle Paul, my Father, my brother Fred, my sister Kathy standing on the bench. Behind the bench – Mrs. Dorofeiv, Mike Dorofeiv and their child.


Here I am with my father who loved to put jigsaw puzzles together. My sister Kathy is standing behind my dad and me. These days my favorite kind of camping is at the Hilton but I know that the best memories for our kids are the real camping experiences out in the great outdoors. I wish I would have taken my kids on more camping excursions…


This is my cousin Valia and me. We spent lots of time with each other while I was growing up. My maternal grandmother lived with them so we were over there a lot. This photo was taken at Easter.

Here’s that same cousin with her daughter and granddaughter. I got to see her this last Saturday at a baby shower for her DIL. One of our projects while at the shower was to create something on a onesie for the baby that’s due in July. Yikes I’m not really artistic or crafty but here is what I came up with. Good thing babies wear onesies under their regular outer wear!

Photobucket is holding all my photos I stored with them from 2007-2015 hostage. They have blacked out all those photos on my blog posts. OH BOTHER! I’m slowly cleaning up my posts.

For more Fun Monday Happy Memories visit Molly.

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

21 thoughts on “Fun Monday ~ Happy Childhood Memory

  1. Thank you for sharing your happy memories. I too wish that we had spent more time camping with our children. Those camping moments are very special.

    I am glad that you included the picture of your grown-up daughter. The onesie that you created is wonderful, and you created a new happy memory for the baby’s mom.

  2. Thanks Ellen for the reminder about getting out and camping! Oh, and I LOVE the idea of creating onsies at the baby shower! I’ll have to use that when I host the next one!

  3. What a dear story about your childhood! Thanks for sharing all of that! I can see you in your fathers face..(even though I’ve never met you in real life)…you are in his smile!
    We go camping once a year with our kids. It’s a big deal for all of us!! You can still go with yours!! 🙂

  4. wonderful memories!

    love the onesie idea! course mom’ll never put such a precious gift on the baby….they’ll all be memorialized in the baby just watch!


  5. Absolutely awesome!!!! And may I say, you’re such a doll!!! I loved reading through this and meeting your family. This is gonna be one great week for Fun Monday……..

    My Fun Monday is shared too, I hope you can stop by and read it, if you haven’t already –since I’m just now going through the Mr. Linky’s at Mollys before I get to my own comments to read who has visited!! Take care, have a great day. [PS –you have to scroll below my ‘walk in the park’ photos to reach my F M entry!!]

  6. Hi again, Ellen!

    This is a precious post. I love the pictures! It is obvious that you are blessed with a close-knit family. Wow – that makes me miss home just a little…

    Have a great day!

  7. You have some great memories. It must be so lovely to have a very close knit family when you are growing up.
    I think your little picture for the onesie is so cute!

  8. Terrific pictures! I had the same bangs! and I’m pretty sure that any one of us of a ‘certain age’ would have recognized that as an Easter picture.


  9. Those pictures were fab and I love seeing your cousin today. And your little design is very cute and will bring a smile to the mummy’s face whenever she sees it. 😀

  10. The camping photos show so much detail. I can almost smell the campfire and hear the bluejays. A baby shower too, you had such a busy weekend.

  11. Lucky you to have these wonderful photos of your family having fun. Your father looks to be a very good daddy. I remember the dungarees with linings that you turned up to show the plaid cuff.

    By the way, if I should ever(shudder!) have to plan and execute a shower, I’m coming back here. Loved the use of all the fresh flowers, herbs, etc. Food looked yummy and lovely as did the table settings.

    P.S. Luv your bangs!

  12. Yum I had to look over all the shower pic and than all those blueberries – Our blackberries are just in bloom so still a little time till they can be eaten.

    You large extended family look like they were a fun group and such a nice happy childhood.

  13. My children remember our camping trips with much fondness. I remember working my butt off. Ooops, butts still there. Well, anyway, you get the drift. ha

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