Fun Monday ~ First Celebrity Crush?

Oh boy is this one going to age me. Actually I’m aging just fine with no help 🙂

There probably was someone on the Mouseketeers that I had a crush on in the 50’s and early 60’s. Then there was Ricky Nelson (Ozzie and Harriett) that I might have had a crush on but the first out there in public crush that I had was for the Beatles. I think I liked them all but Ringo was my favorite. I sat there and watched them on the debut in the U.S. on the Ed Sullivan show. I was giddy with delight! I learned all their songs by heart and went to see all their movies.

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14 thoughts on “Fun Monday ~ First Celebrity Crush?

  1. When you think about the phenom The Beatles were–and their staying power still today–it’s pretty wild. Watching old Ed Sullivan footage of them performing AND their legions of female fans still kinda blows me away.

  2. What, and that’s all ? I am belonging to the antiques so when the Beatles showed up I was busy with my wedding preparation and only discovered them years later, lol ! I heard the songs but didn’t know who they were. My favourite was Elvis, but I only loved his songs and not the man ! I was 13 then.

  3. I discovered them in High School and by then they were split up. I loved them and I think Sir Paul is STILL a dish. Those eyes and that grin. Swoon!


  4. You’re on the list now Ellen, and you’re not the only Beatles Fan. Also, at least you had taste, mine is sooo embarrassing. I think Ringo was kind of cute as well though he often seems a little overlooked.
    Thanks for playing and have a fab day. 😀

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  6. I liked Ricky Nelson and enjoyed watching the Ozzie and Harriet Show. Paul was my favorite Beatle. Although my girlfriend, who adored the Beatles, was a Ringo fan.

  7. I had always wanted to go to The Garden Party !! He left this world way too soon. His son’s have tried their hand at music but they don’t compare to their father.

  8. My sister played Hey Jude, over and over and over and over on the record player. I thought I was going to go berserk. Me, I was impartial to the whole Partridge Family, Donny Osmond songs.

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