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38 thoughts on “Photo Hunters ~ Metal

  1. A nice metal gate that allows one to see through to spy the wine bottles on the shelves.

    You have a great shot that covers 2 weeks’ photohunt themes. What a coincidence!

  2. I’ve enjoyed many a bottle of Chateau Ste Michelle, I especially enjoy the Merlot. One day I may take my own tour there. I’d love to sip my way through that Cellar! Yummy!

  3. very nice, great entry on this post, my original photo post had some old farming iron and other farmhouse items, I added a second entry because of something I saw while visiting other photo hunts, please stop by both, happy easter

  4. That’s beautiful Ellen! That reminds me of a photo I took this week of a small chapel’s interior: through the closed metal gate, and I didn’t come to the idea to shoot the gate itself. Stupid me…

    Happy Easter to you and yours! 🙂

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