Teacup-a-Story ~ Week One


March 16 – March 22
Teacup-a-Story ~
Share a picture of your favorite teacup and saucer; describe it and tell it’s history (or make up a story about it’s past). Why is it meaningful to you? This would be a good place to share about the details of your teacup collection if you have one.



These cups are each special to me for different reasons. The first one was made in Russia. My heritage is Russian and I was happy to find this cup and saucer at Goodwill on one of my shopping trips there. I really enjoy blues in dishes so that’s another reason I like it.
The second photo is a tea-cup from the tea set that I bought as a souvenir when I was in England in 1973. I really enjoyed the shape of the Royal Albert china. After we were married we traveled to Canada and were able to add to my original tea set with a dinner service for 12. Besides blue and white I find pink and green very pleasing to my eyes.
This next tea cup and saucer are from my MIL’s stash. Her brother gave her a set of dishes in this pattern as a wedding gift. I love the flowers and the history that goes with this sweet cup.
The last cup is from a set of dishes that I saw in a model home that we walked through before we bought our home in Ventura, California in 1984. When we moved in to our home the housing development had a model home furniture and accessories sale and I bought the service for 4 for $25.00. I was a happy camper. The pattern is English Chippendale/Johnson Bros./ England.

I never collected tea-cups but I inherited and bought them here and there when one caught my eye. You can visit LaTeaDah and see more Tea-cups with a story.

Photobucket is holding all my photos from 2007-2015 hostage. I’m working on updating my blog posts very slowly.

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

23 thoughts on “Teacup-a-Story ~ Week One

  1. All four of your teacups are beautiful! I am especially drawn to the ones in blue and white. And I was happy to see the Russian teacup and saucer — the first in your montage. You see, last Christmas our youngest son bought the teapot in that exact pattern for me as my Christmas gift. I think it quite a treasure for a young man of 19 to research and order so that it was delivered days before the holiday and then lovingly gift wrapped for Christmas morning. He shared how it was made in Russian (I believe he said St. Petersburg) and it was presented as very special (which it is). I’m afraid he paid a pretty penny for his find — you were very fortunate to find yours at Goodwill! It’s exquisite!

    Thank you for participating in the Gracious Hospital-i-Tea blog-a-thon! I enjoyed what you shared very much!!!


  2. All your teacups have the lovliest designs. I love the blue and white especially. I posted about two blue and white teacups in my post.
    By the way, what is the pattern or manufacturer of the second blue and white teacup?

  3. I enjoyed hearing the stories behind all four of your teacups. They’re all very pretty but the one with pink roses really caught my eye. :o)

    Ravenhill Cottage

  4. Ellen, your teacups are so beautiful…if only I had your address so I could come and borrow 😉 your blue and white ones for my collection. The Russian one is exceptionally beautiful, thank you for sharing.


  5. For not being a collector, you’ve stumbled upon some beautiful teacups. I am especially enthralled by the first one from Russia. What vibrant color and pattern! The bowl looks as if it would hold plenty of delicious, comforting tea.

    Thanks for visiting me today!

  6. Beautiful teacups…the Russian one is exquisite! I’m looking forward to seeing/hearing about your samovars one of these days. Thanks for the visit!

  7. Your cups are all very beautiful. It’s fun to find something so special – like your Russian teacup – at a thrift store! Thanks for viewing my teacups.

  8. I love the Russian cup and saucer, and have one just like it. I bought my mine on E-Bay and probably paid a bit more than your super lucky purchase! I used to live in Thousand Oaks, not far from where you are. How’s life in the south (of CA) these days?

  9. I love your teacups and the story that goes with each one. The russian one is exquisite, I also really like the Royal Albert (of course)!

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