9 thoughts on “WFW ~ Ephesians 5:8

  1. Ellen, this is such a simple but powerful photo.

    I didn’t remember about your connection to AMGEN. I knew I had heard that company name but I couldn’t remember where. I love that he is a part of that process!

  2. That looks like the same moon I was gazing at last night….playing hide and seek behind the clouds. When the skies cleared for a while, I noticed all the sharp, clear cut moon-shadows on the grass, cast by the avocado tree and the garage roof and the telephone pole….how lovely, moon-shadows at night, when during the day there were no shadows at all because of the gray, gloomy cloud cover.

    Yes, let us live as children of the light!

    Sara, I took the photo last night so it was the same moon!

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