One of My Favorite Card Artists ~ Gordon Fraser

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 I want to share one of my favorite cards and card illustrator Gordon Fraser. This card was printed in England. Whenever I’m in Canada I search the stores for any of his cards. I love the little hedgehogs, mice and other animals on these cards.



The card reads To Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. To all Bloggy Friends that celebrate Christmas my wishes for you are the same with added blessings too!  I hope my card makes you smile.

Photobucket has blacked out all my photos I was storing on their site and they are holding them hostage. I am working on updating my more than 4000 posts.

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19 thoughts on “One of My Favorite Card Artists ~ Gordon Fraser

  1. I love those cards too, I’m from England and my friend Lynn use to send me those cards all the time. When we visited England my husband fell in love with hedgehogs – they don;t have them in Canada!!! lol – Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing the card.

  2. Oh Ellen, thank you for popping by first thing this morning so that I could still catch you before the computer shuts down for the next few days with your family.
    It has been a pleasure visiting with you as well, and I wish you a wonderful time with your family and friends, See you in a few days.

  3. Where can I find these cards? When I lived in Arlington Va there was this stationary store where I brought these cards every Christmas, but now the store has closed and I cannot find these sweet cards anywhere. I live in South Carolina now.

    Tracy, The best suggestion I have is to google Gordon Fraser. There are sources out there, I think. He died in 1981 so there aren’t new cards but some of his originals are being re-printed…

  4. Please, please post if you find a source. I’ve been a fan of the hedgehogs for years and my supply ceased several years ago…I’m down to my last two cards and don’t like anyone well enough to send them on their way!…LOL
    Seriously, I’d be most grateful to find another source for these very special cards.

  5. This is so much fun. I loved the card but honestly hadn’t paid any attention to the artist’s name. Sorry. I just loved the cards. And I, too, was very selective about who I sent them to. I’ve hoarded them for several years. I finally sent a few out this year and one dear friend called me to tell me how wonderful it was to get a Gordon Fraser card with the hedgehogs on it. I knew immediately this must be a very special artist, because my friend is an artist herself. Google Emily Nelligan or Marvin Bileck. They do the Cranberry Island drawings and prints – they are on display in NYC as I write this. Marvin, aka Uncle Buddy, passed away in 2005. Anyway, thank you Aunt Emily for enlightening me. I am not very knowledgeable in the art world. I saw, when I googled the name, that they can be found at Target! Now I have to go look for them.

  6. So sorry to learn about Mr Gordon Fraser’s demise. Back in the late 70’s someone sent my now late hubby a thank you card, it is so pretty I’ve kept it all these years; few days ago while prepaing for a large sale
    I found the card. A gorgeous bouquet made up of a few roses & more, very lazily handrawn but in its own right a beautiful one.
    Designed by Klara& Gordon Fraser, Bedford,
    Printed in England. Who was Klara ?
    Any insight is greatly appreciated as would like to know more about this most talented artist.
    Most Sincerely,

  7. I love those beautiful card, especially the Christmas ones. Does anyone know where you can find them in Canada? I thought Hallmark carried them, but haven’t seen any in a few years.
    Sorry to hear that Gordon Fraser had passed away. Very talented artist.

  8. I worked at Gordon Fraser’s for a few months when I was a student. He was a lovely man, knew all his employees by name and provided a really nice working environment – we used to work 4.5 days a week and get Friday afternoons off. I was very sorry when I heard he had died, in a car crash, I believe. I still have some of his products but I’m afraid I don’t know where you can buy them these days.

  9. I have loved Gordon Fraser cards for years and have wondered why they stopped appearing in shops here in Eugene, Oregon. This week, I found a little gift bag in a thrift shop here — with mouse, hedgehog, rabbit and badger — and now I have learned about Gordon Fraser’s life and tragic death. Thank you for sharing your sweet card and for the comments. Hopefully, his cards will be reissued. I know they will still be loved. Please let me know if any can be found in the U.S. And,yes,I am smiling from your card.

  10. I’m 62. I used to buy Gordon Fraser cards in a drugstore in my hometown in MA. They were always my favorite. So lovely, many of them very
    feminine. I never see them on Ebay. Is there anywhere online where they can be viewed. Tasha Tudor is another fav of mine. There is plenty of her work on Ebay and still sold online by her family. Wish the same were true of Fraser’s work.

  11. The cards , gift wrap & handy notes were wonderful delights.
    Many friends got a chuckle when i sent them out as I am also bearing the same name. hehe
    Gordon Fraser, Vancouver, BC.

    • My Mom and I tried to find these beautiful cards over the years, but no luck in Canada. We had a few and we absolutely Loved the Christmas cards! If anyone knows where you can buy them, I would love to know. Thank You!

  12. I too am a Gordon Fraser fan and up until now I did not know that he had passed. My Mother was from England and so anything English or Ladybird is near and dear to my heart, She passed 21 yrs ago and still is very much with me. I gave my sister a set of note cards with the hedgehog and three ladybirds. We both loved them and she returned one to me in a beautiful frame that I put out every Fall. Lynda

  13. As a retail buyer of these cards In Perth Western Australia we just couldn’t keep up with demand , they were very unique in their beautiful artwork. Would like to find them again as a collector. I presume this site is speaking of the same style I once knew. A little Mary Quant/ Art Nouveau and Aubrey Beardsley all in one.
    Are they still available I wonder ?

  14. Just today searching Boynton cards I came to think of these cards and I used to love sending them at Christmas. Then I had kids and a picture of the kids became my tradition. Now my kids are older and I now again are searching for cards to send. Had a old box so I was able to find the name. Did a search on line and no luck. Wish to hear if someone finds a retailer with reprints.

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