Antique Postcards ~ 1908-1912

 These Postcards that I am sharing for Show and Tell Friday are all from Dear’s ~ Great, Great Aunt Emma Daniels. Great, Great Aunt Emma was Swedish and she never married. The Postmarks are mostly from 1908 through 1912. Some of them are made in Germany and others are Tuck’s Post Card, Raphael Tuck & Sons, Art Publishers to their Majesties the King & Queen. These are from our collection of Christmas and New Year’s Postcards. I’ll share more at Valentine’s Day and Easter.






These are all close enough to being 100 years old that I took the liberty to call them Antiques. To all my Show and Tell friends may your Christmas be filled with love and joy!
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29 thoughts on “Antique Postcards ~ 1908-1912

  1. Oh my goodness Ellen…….I would just LOVE these. How wonderful that you have them. I’d be framing them.

    My Show N Tell is of my mother’s 1927 autograph book.

    I’ve been wondering about you, I was beginning to think you were ill or on vacation, I haven’t seen you since Photo Hunt!!!


  2. Ellen,

    Absolutely beautiful cards and how fortunate that you have them……

    Thank you for dropping by ……….Merry Christmas to you and those you hold dear……Betty

  3. Oh Ellen, those are so beautiful! I love the victorian look–and feel!
    I wanted to just stop by this morning…(while I’m at work), because when we leave here today, I may not open my computer until after Christmas!!!
    Have a Merry Christmas and very blessed safe New Year!

  4. I do not like all things antique, but many antique cards fascinate me with their attention to detail and meaningfulness. The ones you share with us are lovely. Thank you!
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Those are wonderful! I think Print Shop has some very similar prints in their clip art collection if you ever need some for a project. I just love the Victorian Christmas prints.

    It’s good to see another blogger from Washington!

  6. Thank you for sharing these wonderful postcards. I collect postcards and have some beauties in my collection as well. They are a lovely form of art from the past. I even have some watercolors and signed ones.

    Merry Christmas. I sure enjoyed your show and tell today.

  7. Oh Ellen, these are beautiful. I just yesterday bought a little book of 30 victorian Christmas postcards. Yours are much more ornate. Keep warm, but then I guess Dear arrives soon. Bless you both.

  8. The postcards are so lovely. I have been haunting our antique mall and buying these same types of cards. (When they are written upon I find myself reading and wondering.), But, instead of collecting them, I am turning them into altered art cards, much like the one I had posted on my blog. Instead of my photo, I use a post card as the main part of a card. I use antique photo folders for the outside portion and then decorate with any numer of items. Sadly, despite finishing 4 projects I have yet to photograph any of them in their totality and have already sent off three of the four. Hopefully I will get the last up before tomorrow evening or it too will be gone. Enjoy the cards… they really are a treasure.
    Blessings, Kim

  9. Hi Ellen, these postcards are gorgeous! I just posted my Show and Tell Friday (a day late) and one of my items is also a Raphael Tuck & Sons greeting card – how amazing is that! Today was the first time I actually looked closely at the tiny print on that particular card – I had to get out a magnifying glass to see it. I just love these old-fashioned greetings and artwork. Yours are especially lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Hi, Ellen,

    These are beautiful and in beautiful shape!

    I have a question for you. I have a lot of these Raphael and Tuck postcards, some of them actually sent, others not, from betweet 1908 and 1913. Do you have any idea what they are worth monetarily? They were sent between friends and family in the Central Pennsylvania area.

    Thanks for anything you can tell me!

    Edd Chango

    • Thanks for your comment Edd…I really don’t know about the resale value of postcards. I would suggest checking ebay or someplace like that…

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