Christmas Tree Treasures ~ 2007

Welcome to Christmas Tree Treasures hosted by Morning Glory at her blog Seeds From My Garden.

This angel is our Christmas tree topper that we’ve used for several years now.

We put the lights on the tree first, then come the red glass ornaments (a few dozen) When they are all placed we add all of our one of a kind that we’ve collected over the years. This was last years tree. This years is not up yet! We plan to get a shorter fatter one this year…

This was our very first ornament that was given to us as a Wedding Gift. We were married December 6, 1974.


The top three ornaments in this collage are the first ornaments for each of our children. 1979 was Josh’s , 1981 was Dan’s and 1986 was Katie’s. The second row in the middle was a very primitive baby Jesus in a 1/2 walnut shell that one of my kids made and I’m sorry to say I don’t know which one.  The camel and Winnie the Pooh are from Josh’s baby stash. The little girls on the bottom right are from Dear’s mother and are a lot older than most of our other ornaments.


These are the handmade ornaments my 3 kids made that make me smile whenever I see them. Katie made the angel, Josh made the star and Dan made the reindeer below.

These photo ornaments are all from the same year.  Josh with the baseball theme, Katie with the Angel theme, and Dan with the Soccer theme.

This is one of my favorite wooden ornaments.



I’m a huge Beatrix Potter fan and I was thrilled to find these Christmas ornaments. Hunca Munca and the Amiable Guinea Pig.

My heritage is Russian and these ornaments were gifts from my brother Leonard.

I added this Russian ornament to the tree last year.

My Christmas tree skirt is usually a Christmas tablecloth that I drape around the trunk of the tree.

Thank you Morning Glory for hosting Christmas Tree Treasures. To see more click here.

I’ve also linked to Katabug who is hosting Fun Monday Show me your  Christmas Ornaments version.

Photobucket has blacked out all my photos I was storing on their site and they are holding them hostage. I am working on updating my more than 4000 posts.

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

29 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Treasures ~ 2007

  1. Oh, you have some beautiful ornaments. Much like the assortment we have on our tree I think. In fact, your Beatrix Potter ornament looks very similar to one that our son Josh has from his babyhood (he’ll be 25).

    I love the angel topper. It is exquisite.

    And the baby Jesus in the half walnut stole my heart.

    They are just all so wonderful. So many memories. I loved seeing them all.

    Thank you. And thanks for stopping by to see mine too. Wish we could sit down next to our trees and have a cup of tea together.

  2. Beautiful ornaments Ellen, I also treasure the first ornaments we had and all the sentimental ones that have been added since.

    Please pop over to see what all the fun is about at my blog.

  3. Welcome to Fun Mondays, Ellen. The children’s handmades are among my favorites, and I always love photo ornaments.

    What a perfect time for you to join FM…two posts for the price of one (or something like that…ha!)

  4. I could have a whole tree full of those Baby-Jesus-in-a-walnut-shell ornaments – too cute! And we are the same – the standard ornaments go on first, to fill up the tree, and THEN the special ones!

  5. Such a beautiful tree and I love it that you still have some of the handmade crafts your children had made…I’m afraid I only have one or two that mine had made. All of your ornaments are precious and I especially love the older ones:-) As for the crocheted angel on top of your tree…it’s absolutely gorgeous! Merry Christmas!! xox

  6. Those are some fabulous ornaments!! Is that bashful of the seven dwarfs in the second row of your collage? that is awesome (I collect snow white memorabilia)

  7. Hi there!! I really have had so much fun visiting today!! I evan managed to get a few fed at dinner today but nothing else!!!!
    And what a splendid tree!!!!!!
    Blessings you Way!!!

  8. I love your tradition of buying a mystery tree….that has to be exciting as you cut the twine and the branches open up.

    Your tree is very beautiful. You have a wonderful aray of unique memories. The Angel topper looks perfect on your tree. I especially love the homemade ones from your children.

    Thanks for visiting with me on Monday and your sweet comments.

    Thank you for sharing your Christmas Treasures with us today. May your holidays be filled with many blessings, lots of love, family, friends and laughter!


  9. We’re not decorating a tree this year because we are pretty sure the cats we knock it down and distroy all the orniments while attempting to climb it. So it was fun going thru all your splinded orniments. Thanks.

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