Thursday Thirteen #11 ~ Moisiisms

Moisi and Nadia (my parents)

My parents aren’t fluent in English. They immigrated to the U.S. in the late 40’s from Iran where they escaped to from Russia. Here are some of the things they say that we get a kick out of…

1. Cellkular Phone~ for Cellular Phone

2. Razorblades ~ for Rollerblades “Lana had bad accident with razorblades”

3. Fire Hydrogen ~ for Fire Hydrant “The fireman is outside checking hydrogens”

4. Pie Alamo ~ for Pie A la Mode

5. Crackpots ~ for Crockpots  “Michelle got 3 Crackpots for wedding”

6. Mackadonian Macaronis ~ for Macadamia Nut Macaroons

7. They lived till they died.

8. He cussing us out!

9. Ah you ben drinkin? ~ for Have you been drinking?

10. Prayzz da Lowrd! ~ for Praise the Lord!

11. Whoorey! ~ for hurry.

12. Grills ~ for girls.

13. Shoezy ~ for shoes.

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55 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #11 ~ Moisiisms

  1. That’s incredibly sweet!
    I could easily imagine my friends and especially their parents who immigrated from our dying motherland in the same linguistic labyrinth.
    Cheers from Serbia!
    Happy TT!

  2. Aw, these are adorable. Especially Pie Alamo. And this reminded me how much I miss my own grandpa. He was an immigrant from Germany, shortly before WWII, and he used to tell me proudly how difficult it was to “ditch” his accent. The thing of it is, his accent was still so thick you could cut it with a knife! He was wonderful and I’d do anything to hear that accent again. (Thanks for visiting my TT)

  3. How cute!
    My mom is from Thailand. She’s been in America for 39 years and still says things cute like that too!

    Happy TT!

    Oh, and my son will get some of those on the list! Shhh…. we already have the Wii. 🙂

  4. Your parents look so nice. 🙂
    Some of these take on a whole new meaning, like #2. Yikes!
    Some of them had me laughing (in a good way, not poking fun at someone’s cute accent).
    Love #7. My grandmother was often quoted saying “The only thing I HAVE to do, is die.” Now, I’m the one saying it!

  5. My mom, that has still an hard time talking in english, once ask at a restaurant, when I was about 10, for “a glass of water with no glass” . You have to understand that ice in french is glace, pronouve mostly about the same way as glass.

  6. Funny stuff. Towards the middle, I turned it into a game to see if I could figure it out before reading the meaning. I would have been freaked out to hear about a razorblading accident.

  7. Oh, cute! My mother-in-law speaks English very well, but sometimes her German accent shows. Like the time when my daughter was about 3, and playing Barbies with Oma. It took me the longest time to convince my daughter that what Barbie had on her head with her wedding gown was a “veil,” not a “whale.”

  8. Bless ’em. My late uncle was from Bavaria, and he used to come out with things like ‘banans’ (bananas), jo-gurt (yoghurt), and ‘I can’t phantom (fathom) it out’. Happy Thursday!

  9. Aww…what a cute way to honor your parents. How incredibly hard to move to a new country where you don’t know the language and then have to deal with words that are just funny to begin with… your parents sound just darling. What a great TT!

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