Thursday Thirteen #7 ~ Sites in Great Britain

Thirteen Places you should visit in Great Britain…


1. London    2. Oxford    3. Cambridge 

4. Cotswolds    5. Bath    6. York

7. The Lake District   8. Oban  9. Isle of Iona

10. Edinburgh  11. Castle Doune 12. Conwy, Wales

Our favorites in blue are places we’d go back to again. Castle Doune (N.W. of Edinburgh) is of Monty Python and the Holy Grail fame. They even give you coconut shells to clip clop as you tour the castle. Fun times…

13. And last but not least are Bed and Breakfasts. We’ve enjoyed most all that we’ve stayed in.

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36 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #7 ~ Sites in Great Britain

  1. Oh, I love this list!!! I’ve been to London, Oxford (altho I couldn’t find that dang bar!), Cambridge & Edinburgh! Funny we had a similar set up in out T13s LOL! Thanks for visiting!

  2. Fantastic List!!
    I will make a note of those places.
    Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
    My TT is posted.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Happy TT’ing!
    (“)_ (“)Š

  3. I love the Cotswolds. My in-laws live there now and my husband and I spent a lot of time exploring little towns like Marsh Gibbon, Bloxham, Chipping Norton, and Waddesden. But I’ve always wanted to visit the Lake District and I want to even more now that I’ve seen your photos.

    I posted some amazing photos at my site (I didn’t take them so I can say that).

  4. cotswolds, ahhhhh. memories of childhood, and the best fudge in the world from a little shop in broadway. still have to get to castle aarrrrgh 🙂
    happy tt

  5. When you visit York don’t forget to come visit me – I’m not far. LOL Doune is one of our favorite castles – not just for the Monty Python – it really is fantastic and you keep going up and up and up and then all of a sudden you’re at the top and WOW!!

  6. my best friend just married a British guy and moved there. I’m hoping to go next summer for a visit. Thanks for the tour guide!

  7. Oh my goodness gracious. I want to be there so badly – absolutely breathtaking, every one of them! Mine’s up, so plz come by when you have a chance! Happy TT 🙂

  8. Great list. The next time you visit Wales, you really must head south, to Pembrokeshire, and also, the Gower Peninsula, close to where I live. Happy TT!

  9. Being from and living in Britain I’ve been to a lot of them although when I went to Edinborough it was for work and so I’ve only seen a business park on the edge of the city…

    Great pictures 🙂

  10. These places all look so lovely! One of these years, we will be visiting England..I will jot down your suggestions and make sure we go to them.

    Thank you for stopping by, Ellen..have a great weekend! *smiles*

  11. They are Brilliant pictures! Out of all the places i think Conwy is the nearest to me 🙂

    I use this site for my mosiac shots, you pick the 4×4 with the large centre layout and the photo you want in the middle you pick first 🙂

    I hope that explains it OK?


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