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63 thoughts on “WW ~ Caution Low Beams! ~ Shop in York, England

  1. Is that one of the the shop’s attractions? I think it should be okay for me because I am not-so-tall (i dislike the word: short). Ukakakakaka!!! Happy WW to you.

  2. Perhaps the floor is built up, that would be easier than lowering the beams. I’m sure back when it wasn’t made this way unless it was for very short people.
    Any, an excellent topic. Happy WW! πŸ™‚

  3. so my question is, how tall is dear? at 6’3″ Subvet runs into this sort of thing often! *ouch*

    MM!, Dear is only 5’9” so Subvet would definately have a neck and back ache from having to stoop

  4. It’s funny because despite the fact that the beams are OBVIOUSLY low, someone must have still smacked their heads…otherwise there wouldn’t be a sign!!

  5. Oh, I do hope there was a “low beams” alert! I suppose I would do well there, as I am short! hehehe It looks like a very beautiful shop!

    Happy WW!

  6. I would really REALLY love to live in that house. I’m short enough!!

    The macronutrient is PROTEIN. We were at in-service today and one of our sped teachers is a dairy farmer. He told me. Some farmers feed corn silage because the cows will give more milk with grain and/or corn. But it is rough on the cows and they may not live as long as they would with hay and grasses. (I hope I got this right. I didn’t take notes!)

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