Another Tuesday Dinner at Moisi and Nadia’s

Conversation between Moisi and Ellen b.

Moisi: “Hi Elyena (Russian for Ellen) you know what mom and me do?” (said with wonderful Russian accent)

Ellen b: “No Pop what did you do?” (plain old western U.S. accent)

Moisi: “We go to Rose Hills and make funeral arrangements.”

Ellen b: “Really?”

Moisi: “We choose Memorial Chapel not Sunrise Chapel.”

Ellen b: “Good choice Pop…”

So there you have it Moisi and Nadia are all set now. I’m sure this is a typical conversation y’all have with your folks, too. My parents not only have taken care of many funeral arrangements for friends and family, they have made their own arrangements so we don’t have to. They are something else…

On a lighter note here are some photos from the evening in Brea…

The four sisters who are off the hook in making the funeral arrangements…


Jackson the Great Grandson. (Michelle, I like how you’re looking up at Jack in this photo of a photo…)

Jack again (Hope you see these M. Lou!)

Michelle and Debbee (my nieces)

Oh and the menu… Pineapple Chicken with Basmati Rice, Seven Layer Green Salad, Chocolate Blintzes with Fresh Fruit and a Creme Anglaise drizzled poured on top.

Photobucket is holding hundreds of my photos hostage and that’s why you don’t see the original photos on this post.

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

6 thoughts on “Another Tuesday Dinner at Moisi and Nadia’s

  1. Lovely pictures. I do not think my parents have made any arrangements yet. They seem to think that is our job.

    Hi Heidi, Thanks for stopping by. Blessings on you.

  2. There’s such a peace in knowing those types of difficult decisions are made before the agonizing pain of losing a loved ones takes a bite. On that day, reasoning and decision capabilities often take a backseat or even a vacation.

    btw, I thoroughly enjoy Dr RC Sproul.

    A pleasure to meet you. Please come visit me sometime.

    Hi Sparrowssong, Pleasure to meet you, too. I will stop by. Blessings…

  3. Ellen, I love this whole day blog…ESPECIALLY the WONDERFUL pictures – even with wet eyes and a lump in my throat ( and not just because of pictures of Jackson, which are of course precious, but more for the beautiful closeness you have with your sisters, mom and dad and nieces! Many of us do not have such specialness)
    MY LOVE TO ALL!!!!!!!

    M. Lou., Blessings and love to you…

  4. Ok…that photo of a photo…very cool!! And I still love how your camera did that lighting thing without a flash in the pic of Deb and I. See you this weekend!!

    Michelle, Looking forward to all the festivities…

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