Pub Reunion in Snohomish

Beautiful Snohomish in Washington State


We met up with our Great Britain walking buddies at an English Pub in Snohomish. Not only are they our walking buddies but we have had many a great traveling experience with this group of six.

An English transplant from Manchester opened this Pub over a year ago. It is called Piccadilly. We had Fish and Chips, Chicken and Veggie Pastie, Toad in the Hole, and Lentil Rosemary soup. Guinness on draught and good conversation. We were back in Great Britain for a couple of hours enjoying each others company.

Seattle is sizzling these days. They are threatening 97 degrees for today. That’s H-O-T for Seattle and don’t you know it’s the news here!

Photobucket is holding all the photos of mine from this post hostage as of July 2017.

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

6 thoughts on “Pub Reunion in Snohomish

  1. Ahhhh, you reminded me of the British pub we have here–owned and operated by natives–called the White Lion. We fell in love with the fish and chips, “mushy peas”, and various UK ‘pints’. Hmmm, I think hubby and I are long overdue for a visit. BTW, so sorry to hear about the heat there–we must have traded because we are VERY wet here (very strange for this time of year).

    Hi Connie, by all means it sounds like date night is in your future! blessings…

  2. H-O-T is right! Steve reported that my flowers are wilting in the heat! YIKES! Today is supposed to be the hottest. I keep missing the heat waves 😉

    Lana, we’re looking forward to tomorrow already! Brother Steve is driving up from Portland manana…

  3. I guess the heat Knows no boundaries. We are sizzling too. It’s 34C. here already, and it will be a bit warmer by the time the day is done.

    I Love the picture of Snohomish. It doesn’t matter how many pictures people post of there where abouts, I’m always amazed at the beauty.

    Lovella, We’re havin a heat wave…you can sing along. Blessings!

  4. Wish I had one of those pastie’s right now. Hope the weather cools a bit for you soon.

    Sara, It was good. Some of us will be sleeping in the basement tonight…blessings.

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