Works For Me ~ Goodwill

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a bargain hunter. Goodwill in Washington (not California!) has been a very good shopping friend of mine. I have found countless treasures there. Today I’m sharing one of my daughters prom dresses that I purchased at Goodwill for $7.  She’s the one in the metallic grey dress. Now some kids probably wouldn’t do this but she bragged about the cost and where the dress came from to all her friends. The necklace and earrings that she purchased cost more than the dress! When I wanted to give up shopping at Goodwill for lent Katie exclaimed, “Now what good would that do?” So y’all shopping at Goodwill works for me, it might work for you, too.


Just yesterday my daughter and I went to Goodwill and I found all 7 of the Chronicles of Narnia books for $1.49 each. They are the Full-Color Collector’s Edition. So Goodwill works for me for clothes, books, housewares, purses, etc. etc.

Now go on over to Rocks in My Dryer to see more handy dandy tips!

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15 thoughts on “Works For Me ~ Goodwill

  1. She looks beautiful! I bought all my girls dresses either at yardsales (around prom time there are lots of choices complete with accessories) or on clearance. It just seems so silly to pay hundreds for one night.
    Great tip.

    Carrie, I’m with you on the silliness of spending too much for a one night dress. I say…let’s just save that extra for a wedding dress, instead.

  2. I believe you are teaching your daughter a very important life lesson. So many today do not understand about thrift and being good stewards of what God gives us. The dress is lovely but your daughters heart is even lovelier!

    Hi Susan, thank you for your kind words. Katie does have a sweet heart…

  3. Thanks for your example of wise shopping, not just shopping as entertainment!
    While my husband was in Bible College and Seminary, I (and other Seminary wives) learned how to NOT turn up my nose at shops like Goodwill, garage sales, consignment shops, etc.!!! Since I’ve been a HUGE fan of those awsome bargains, and I’m happily teaching our daughters what a great “deal” truly is.

    Hi Connie, Are you blogging again? Enjoy teaching your daughters the thrifty way…

  4. So which day next week are WE going! Let’s take Leonard 😉

    Lana, Maybe Mandy will want to go. We’ll leave Leonard home with dear!

  5. take me too. Wow, I think it is a learned craft. I was pretty happy to find my rocking chair, clothes I don’t usually find.
    Beautiful dress.

    Lovella, I have to say in order to find the jewels you have to be consistent. My trips are few and far between since I’m in Cali more…

  6. I am not jealous – I am not jealous – I am not jealous…
    No Goodwill up here
    We do have Value Village but it doesn’t seem to have the same bargains – or maybe I’m just not the best shopper – I think bargains have to jump out at me – otherwise I miss them.

    Kathie, I’ll be able to relate with you more since I’ll be far, far, away from my favorite Goodwills for most of the year!

  7. She looks very beautiful! I have been meaning to start shopping at Goodwill but forget when I go shopping! I would save a bundle!

    Misti, If you read a lot you would definately save big time on books…

  8. Thanks for popping to my blog!
    I love a good bargin and boy, those dresses were GREAT bargins.
    Goodwill stores are so wonderful. We have great yard sales around here. I LOVE Sat mornings all spring!
    My 4 year old loves to play “yard sale”!

    Mary, Happy yard sale hopping! Blessings!

  9. I am a Goodwill band wagoneer as well. Our Goodwill has in fact also opened a separate Good Books Cafe that sells books, etc along with iced and frothy coffees, flavored teas, muffins, scones and all sorts of yummies. The Goodwill-cum-Barnes & Noble cafe-we love it. I’ve even found some great homeschooling resources as well. And ditto to the frugal and thrift habits that you’re teaching your daughter–she’ll never be without because she will have learned to shop wisely and well, with a spirit of contentment.

    Elle, Ok you trumped our Goodwills. They are really going over the top 🙂 Coffee, tea and scones! Blessings.

  10. What a beautiful daughter! I am repenting of my envy over your finds and deals! I do love a good bargain! Do you hire out as a personal shopper? 🙂

    Thanks Lisa. At times I think I missed my career calling. I probably would have thrived as a personal shopper, scout, food critic. Oh the adventures!

  11. Wow! I’m impressed with your finds! But, honestly…your daughter would look good in almost anything. She’s beautiful!

    Kat, Thank You!

  12. That dress is gorgeous, what a deal! I shop thrift almost exclusively. It’s amazing how much you can save, and what you can find.

    Hi Alexandra, It’s nice to meet another thrift shopper! blessings…

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