Works For Me ~ Cool Grocery Shopping

Time for Works For Me Wednesday again.  I’m not a one stop grocery shopper. I might stop at 3 stores in one shopping trip. In Southern California it will probably be Von’s, Ralph’s, and Trader Joe’s. I keep a soft-sided cooler in my trunk and throw a camping ice pack in it. Any frozen items I buy at store 1 and 2 go in the cooler so they stay frozen. I also add all the other cold items. This way I don’t feel like I have to rush home before I get all my shopping done.

I also have a stash of paper bags reinforced with plastic bags to use for Costco stuff when I shop there.

This works great for my shopping habits hope it can work for you…

Now if you’d like to see some interesting ideas from other people go to Rocks in My Dryer.

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10 thoughts on “Works For Me ~ Cool Grocery Shopping

  1. I need to do this just because Whole Foods is a bit of a drive! Then I can go to Fred Meyers after instead of before!

    Lana, You have the room to put a big ole cooler back there but go with a smaller one, less area to cool…:)

  2. GREAT idea!! I have a small ice chest so I think I’lll go out today and put that in my car for situations just like this!! Oftentimes, I am at a grocery store and realize that I can’t get something because it needs to be refrigerated and I’m not going straight home at that moment. Smart thinking!
    Mrs U

    Mrs. U., Those camping ice paks are great to throw in there. They stay solid for hours! blessings…

  3. My mom does this too! I keep meaning to buy one of those cooler bags, but the $$ and opportunity never cross!
    I think I’ll put it on my Christmas list!

    Bee, Check target at their summer clearance time (hard to know when that might be) but I got this one at the end of summer clearance for a really cheap price!

  4. neat tip, although i just get my groceries delivered (LOVE it) but i had noticed your plastic bags are folded. holy moley i wish i had that much time. my little one keeps me too busy.

    Jodijean, I’m at the grandmother stage of my life, more time and more hands!

  5. Guess what? Even in Canada I use a soft sided cooler. Most fabulous invention . . .

    Lovella, Confession…this cooler and trunk of my car (car included) are in Washington closer to you. I just happen to be in California right now…

  6. I don’t have a softsideded one, I just throw the big coleman cooler in when I remember before shopping. The good grocery stores are all 30 minutes or more away from the house, and with the price of gas I like to combine errands when I’m in town.

    Jenn, Confession #2, In southern california it’s the bigger coleman in my trunk. In Washington it’s the soft-sided one. Blessings!

  7. Hey, smart idea. I need to remember to pack a cooler. It’s easy in Atlanta to hit 3-4 stores in one area–no problem. But sometimes it’s a bit of a drive.

    Vicki, I really like this solution cuz it gives me so much more freedom.

  8. I totally do this too. Especially when I go to Sam’s. Oh, how I miss Trader Joes in southern California. (I lived in Burbank for a long time.) Loved it there!

    Hi Fiddledeedee, I missed T.J’s for a while when we moved from California to Washington but then yippee they came to Washington. Well now I’m back in Cali. This is a great idea for those big stores like Sam’s and Costco.

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