Beatrix Potter ~ Miss Potter

Katie and I just returned from seeing Miss Potter with our dear friends tonight.

Jan, Katie, Jody, Lucy, and Bridget at the Crest Theater in Seattle. We were all pleased with the film and delighted to have experienced it together. I’m easily enchanted with all things Beatrix Potter and this movie took me back to the land of enchantment for me, Great Britain. This was a fun event to share on Lucy’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Lu

 I started my love of  Beatrix Potter books and figurines when I toured England in a Christian Rock Band (rock band story in future post) in 1973. I bought little figurines as my souvenirs from Britain. I bought the full set of her Peter Rabbit and Friends books. Our first baby room was all about Peter Rabbit and friends.

Some of these figurines were purchased in England. Others were gifts over the years. There are some that might have your name given to them because they remind me of you. Something to ponder. Remember I did say I love these figurines…

I’ve picked up some framed pieces of Beatrix Potter illustrations from Goodwill.

We visited the area around Derwentwater where Beatrix Potter spent time and was inspired for some of her illustrations and stories.

When our kids were young we read to them every night. It did not take Josh long to figure out that The Tale of Pig Robinson was the longest book in this set of 24 books by Beatrix Potter. This was the book he requested many nights in a row for us to read. It’s pretty worn.

The DVD will soon be released (June 19th). It’s already released in Great Britain.  I will be buying it and am looking forward to watching it again with “Dear” in California.

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12 thoughts on “Beatrix Potter ~ Miss Potter

  1. woah. i had no idea. Where do you keep all this stuff?!

    Bridget, The next time you are over, I’ll show you.

  2. wow! I have similar mugs that our first two boys received as Christmas gifts from my sister. And some of the books.
    I really enjoyed the movie – it made me want to go there so badly!! I’ve always loved Swallows and Amazons too and that setting is in the Lake Country.
    hmmm – a Christian rock band? Looking forward to that post!! 🙂

    Kathie, I hope you do get up to the Lake District after the wedding. Back in the late 60’s early 70’s Christian bands, etc. were becoming “all the rage”. I’ll have to figure out what I’m willing to share…:)

  3. Too fun! Bummer I was on the plane coming back to CA. Would have been a fun adventure with the girls.
    Can’t wait for it to come out on DVD!

    Lana, sorry you missed the adventure, too. We will have to plan another adventure soon with you there!

  4. I’m thrilled that we went to see Miss Potter together- what a birthday treat! I’m looking forward to reading the stories- I started last night and I am pleasantly surprised that the writing is as charming as the illustrations. My book only has 13- I didn’t know there were 24!

    Hi Lu, The really sad thing is that I don’t think they publish these books in the same hardbound format that was shown in the movie and that I bought in 1973. My last two visits to England I tried to find these more original sets and couldn’t find them where I searched. 😦

  5. Oh, I love your collection. I started my collection when I was pregnant with my first daughter (1993) my collection is nothing compared to yours. what a treat to see this.

    Hi Shekinah, Like Miss Potter, I develop a relationship with these sweet animals, not an obsession, but a joy filled imagination about them… I’m happy you were treated here today!

  6. I have planned to see the film but not got around to it. You’ve inspired me to go and get it!

    Hi Catherine, I think you’ll enjoy it. My next dream trip includes Ireland in it. Being on the Isle of Iona put the “need to visit Ireland” on my list of trips before I die. Blessings.

  7. On pins and needles waiting for the rock band story!
    Love Beatrix Potter: my sister and I had some of the stuffed animals and books.

    Hi Lisa, Coming to your nearest blog soon…(those were the days, yikes)

  8. we had the same kids’ dishes! the white ones with writing around the edge and pictures in the middle – I think the only one my parents still have of that set though is the bowl

    Hi Erika, Fun memories…

  9. You probably now think that I very uneducated, but today is the first time I have ever heart of Beatrix Potter. It sounds like though that her books have captures your family’s hearts.
    I am a soccer fan too, I guess that stems from being German – national sport 🙂

    Hello fellow soccer fan, If anyone is uneducated it’s the thousands in the U.S.A. who don’t appreciate soccer! 🙂

  10. A friend from church recommended the film to me but I’m not really a Beatrix Potter fan myself. You have a lovely collection though.
    Which football (soccer) team do you support?
    Sarah, I don’t have any strong loyalties except when it comes to World Cup. Usually I want the U.S.A. to show well. Then I root for England. If there’s a good underdog I like to cheer them on. I enjoy watching any two teams play on the tele! I did get to see Manchester United when they played in Seattle and I cheered for them.

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