My Human Transporter

I’ve been blogging just long enough now and I’m just relational enough that I wish I could transport myself in 10 seconds flat to:

Prince Edward Island, to take a walk with Kathie and Rinda…

Colorado, to sit on Rosemary’s wrap around porch and have pie and coffee…

Illinois, to see Kim create a bookmark from start to finish…

Pennsylvania, to take a stroll with Pam around her garden and maybe take a motorcycle ride…

Canada, to taste some of Lovella’s homemade bread right out of the oven…

Canada, to have a cup of coffee with Susanne…

Australia, to experience a season opposite my own with Missmellifluous…

England, to check out Bronte country with Sarah

Small town USA, to Lisa’s to see her 4 boys and go to a Bible Study together…

Midwest, to watch Abigail’s hummingbird’s at her feeders…

Huntington Beach, California, to watch the season finale of American Idol with Lana…

Now wouldn’t that be cool…

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

10 thoughts on “My Human Transporter

  1. Yey! The internet, for all its faults, is so cool. I’ve ‘met’ so many great people from so far away that I would never have had chance to share my love of Jesus with. Blessings.

    Sarah, thanks for transporting over so fast…Blessings on your day and weekend!

  2. I’ve often wished I could wiggle my nose like Samantha on Bewitched and go wherever I wished.
    How wonderful to be able to “transport” and visit all my lovely blogging friends, but how horrifying it would be if they could come visit me without a moments notice!
    Today they would find me with wet hair and still in my robe at 9 am with a half folded basket of towels in the living room. . .
    : D
    Instantaneous travel must include an instant for me to “blink” my house clean and set out a lovely teaparty!
    : D

    Kim, Oh that blinking quality would have to come right along with my transporter. I can so relate to the still in the robe, etc., etc., at 9 AM and beyond in my galaxy far far away! Blessings.

  3. What a fun post. I’m just tickled pink that you would make a stop at my house. I’ll put a new loaf in the oven just in case.
    You know I’ve also found this blogging very relational. There are just the kindest women out there. Recently Jill from my side bar posted an interview that she did. I was so excited to be able to hear her voice. That’s when I realized that the friendships we make doing this are very real.
    Have a wonderful day, in your transporter.

    Lovella, Thanks for your graciousness! Blessings.

  4. Very cute post!
    *sigh* It would totally be too cool! Wouldn’t it be nice to just be able to do that and actually get to meet all these lovely ladies we “chat” with each day?
    I’d love to have a coffee with you, too!

    Hi Susanne, It really would be nice to hear eachothers voices and see each other face to face! Blessings.

  5. Oh wouldn’t it be fun to just pop in like that!!!! We would have a ball for sure Ellen! I just got home from work and found your message … what a neat thing you did! You would love the bike ride! sure would be neat to meet everyone this side of Heaven huh? Lovella is right – the friendships are real special! I need to get a pic of myself up one of these days. It’s nice to see a face with whom you converse … I’ve taken some but yuk! One of these days … well, thanks Ellen for this little surprise! You’re a sweetheart! One of my folks at the Senior Center I manage passed away yesterday and it is so hard for me and the folks. We are going to the funeral on Monday. It’s difficult working with this age group because you know you will lose someone. You take one day at a time … I just love them all … thanks for brightening my day Ellen.

    Thanks Pam and I’m praying now for comfort and peace for you and the others at the Senior Center.

  6. Now – that would be fun – we’d take you down to the camp and you could check out the eagles’ nest with us – those babies are going to be hatching soon!!!
    And you could show me mountains – we don’t have those here on PEI.

    Kathie, Our daughter Katie missed her mountains so much when she was at Wheaton College in Illinois. It would be so sweet to share these things. That’s what our future hope is too, so sweet when we all get to meet and worship our King together!

  7. Oh, I’m so glad you included me and my porch in your travels! Come on over; the coffee’s hot, the pie’s in the oven, and a breeze is blowing through the pine trees.
    Wouldn’t that just be the loveliest thing to have you all converge on my front porch…

    Rosemary! It would be glorious. Blessings!

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