Bothell’s Blake Lewis in Final Two!

Update May 24, 2007: Even though Blake did not win the title I think he deserves an award for being a genuine, unique, and unselfish entertainer! Way to shine Blake! You make Bothell, Kenmore and Seattle proud.

So our hometown boy has made it to the Final Two on American Idol. Bothell and Kenmore couldn’t be happier. I think Jordan has an amazing voice and personality but I’m rooting for Blake to win. I think he’s fresh and now, if you know what I mean.



Here’s one of my daughter’s favorite pins, Bothell For A Day Or A Lifetime.  The sign at the city entrance used to say, “Welcome to Bothell For a Day or a Lifetime”

As you stroll down Main Street Bothell…


…You’ll get to Main Street Hair Designers…


…Who are ready to give you a “Blake” Haircut! This made Katie laugh out loud and she called me immediately to tell me that this hair salon had this sign in their window!

We’re going to enjoy the fun while it lasts! Please bear with us.

As of July 2017 Photobucket has blacked out all my photos and is holding them hostage on their site.

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7 thoughts on “Bothell’s Blake Lewis in Final Two!

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  2. Too fun! But I think I’ll pass on the Blake haircut. ‘Cause I’m just not fresh and now, more like old and past due. And female. :vD

    Susanne, I’m with you on the haircut and the past due 🙂

  3. We’re behind Blake now that Melinda is out. I hoped that it would be between Melinda and Blake.
    He seems like a nice kid.

    Hi Kim, We were thinking it would be Melinda and Blake. Melinda is very talented.

  4. Okay, that is funny! It was great to see the huge turn out for him on the AI homecoming portion. So proud of Seattle to go all out for him.
    It appears the two finalists were the ones that had the bigger home town crowds. Hmmmmm Just an observation!

    Hi Lana, Seattle does get behind their celebrities and teams!

  5. Hi Lana,
    We noticed that, too. Although, the same thing happened last year when it was between Taylor, Elliot, and Katharine. Katharine’s crowd, like Melinda’s, was smaller. We think it is because people in LA and Nashville are more used to celebrities and have less of a “home town” identity since people come from all over the nation to follow their dreams.

    Kim, I agree with you. LA has too much going on for them to get behind anything in a united way.I’m sure that’s the same for other places like Nashville.

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