Memorial Day Tribute ~ Home on the Range ~ Dickenson

Memorial Day Greetings to you.  God bless our Troops and Veterans!

For Memorial Day weekend I’m posting this quote from Home On the Range ~ A Century On The High Plains by James R. Dickenson.

Home on the Range chronicles the epic drama of the settling and development of the High Plains, as viewed through the saga of journalist James Dickenson’s family and the wheat-farming community of McDonald, Kansas.

He speaks of Dear’s mother, my MIL Verna who’s father and brothers served in civilian and military duties in World War II. Verna was a school teacher in a one room schoolhouse in Kansas before she married Rex (Dear’s father), who also served in World War II.

“The father of my fifth-grade teacher, Verna Moline, a pretty young woman whom I adored, was a civilian construction worker on Midway Island at the time. His family obviously had many anxious moments about him until the naval battle of Midway, a turning point in the war in the Pacific, ended the threat that Midway would suffer Wake Island’s fate of invasion and occupation by the Japanese. He returned safely shortly thereafter. On days when the news was particularly dire, we kids would crowd around her desk before class to ask anxiously about him and voice our sympathies – probably seeking reassurance ourselves in those dark early days of defeat at the hands of the Japanese. However, as my mother, who was teaching English in the high school at the time, finally pointed out, our constant solicitude was something Miss Moline probably could have done without, although she was too gracious to show it.”

Remember our troops and pray. If you know someone who served our country give them a hug and a thank you. Blessings on this Memorial Day Weekend!

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Fabulous Flag Flying Fourth

I saw this great blogathon idea for the 4th at  Ivory Spring and am joining in at  Kari and Kijsa‘s blog through the 4th of July. They say…”The time has come…to lift our flags high…to honor those who helped to create this incredible country we live in and celebrate the freedom we treasure. These are freedoms that have been valiantly fought for, defended and upheld to this very day…so in honor of our Grand Old Flag, and all she stands for, let’s fly our flags high!!”


My parents escaped out of Russian into Iran in the 30’s.  Shortly after WWII they and my oldest sister immigrated to the USA from Iran. We are very thankful to God for leading them here. We have been blessed to live in this great country and to be raised and raise our children here. When my parents took their first trip back to Russia after becoming citizens of the USA they were so glad when they flew back into the USA from Russia that they kissed the ground.


These are some of the patriotic things we have around the house and make special displays with during 4th of July celebrations. The couple on the bottom of the collage are Martha and George Washington. Dear’s grandmother Nettie gave them to us on one of our trips to visit her in Illinois. The rest are self-explanatory. The next photo is of Dear’s dad who served in WWII.


Rex Roy B. (February 19, 1917 – October 5, 1985) served his country in New Guinea during WWII

We plan to have friends and family over for food and fun on the 4th. Hope you all have some fun planned, too.

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