So Thankful for May!

Addy May that is! Our little triple Y! She’s Y we want to head east and Y we are willing to drive across the pass over the Cascades anytime whatever the weather. She’s Y we bought a car that can manage those driving conditions better, too. Those driving conditions include the driveway to our kids home. All these photos have been shared with us via smartphone texts.

Comforted by her daddy while mommy gets some much needed sleep.

On April 28th-30th Uncle Josh and Auntie Laura got to fly over to Spokane and head north to have a few days of cuddles and walks. Our boys, Josh and Dan were born 2 years apart and have been the best of friends for most of their years and I thank God for that. I thank God a lot for that.

Auntie Laura was determined to catch a photo of Addy smiling. In the meantime Addy had a sweet grip on auntie’s finger while cuddling.

Sweet sleeping bliss.

A wee smile of contentment.

Some sweet sleepy cuddles with Uncle Josh.

Be still my heart for this sweet capture of daughter and daddy!

And then a comfortable sleep in uncle’s arms.

Another sweet pick that is my phone wallpaper right now!

Of course Uncle and Auntie had to try on the Sounders hat while listening to the game on Saturday night. She looks concerned but thankfully the team pulled off an amazing comeback to tie the game.

Auntie and Uncle with miss Addy May just before they said their goodbyes till next time.

Thank you Jamie, Dan, Auntie Laura and Uncle Josh for sharing these photos with us! Love them all and all of you!

Dear and I are planning our next trip over the pass and across central Washington to Spokane and then north to see our kids again soon.

Today on Mennonite Girls Can Cook I’m sharing a recipe Rosella shared with me for Lactation Cookies. I made them for Jamie and if you have a new mom in your community group or family they’d be a good choice to add to that meal you take over.

Newborn Joy!

Just a few hours old.

Addy with Uncle Josh.

Addy with Gramps.

Auntie Laura

Auntie Laura with daddy looking on.

Diaper change by daddy.

Nighty night sweet girl.

We will be on the road today heading home. Addy’s maternal Granny will be able to spend some extended time with her first grandchild today. She was in the labor and delivery room with Jamie and Dan until Addyson was born. Dear and I will be coming back over the mountains in a couple weeks to help out again and get some projects done.