Sunlit and InSPIREd

San Francisco '16 011

When Dear and I arrived in San Francisco January 20th we checked into our hotel and then braved the walk uphill to the Mark Hopkins hotel on Nob Hill. On the way we passed Grace Cathedral. Grace Cathedral is a beautiful church that I’ve posted about before when I did a more thorough visit in 2008. I’ll leave a link to my full posts at the end of this one. We continued on to the “Top of the Mark” for some small bites and a drink. This next photo shows a view of Grace Cathedral from above.

San Francisco '16 021

On our way back to our hotel (all downhill this time) we stopped in at the Cathedral for a quick view of the inside and then I took some photos from the outside during sunset.

San Francisco '16 030

San Francisco '16 029

San Francisco '16 045

To see more from the inside and outside and to read some history of Grace Cathedral click here and here.

Later today I’ll link up with Sunlit Sunday hosted by Karen at My Little Home and Garden and InSPIREd Sunday hosted by Beth and Sally.

I’m having a carefree Saturday with just a little shopping excursion planned to pick up a few last minute items for our Lunar/Chinese New Year Super Bowl party tomorrow. Dear vacuumed for me yesterday and I dusted and sorted out a lot of junk piles so our house looks crisp, neat and ready for fun. While I prepare this post I’m enjoying some Barclay’s Premier League Soccer on the telly. Yes, I’m a fan of soccer. Dear and our son-in-law are off to our near son’s home to do some hard labor with a jackhammer! I suppose I better have a hardy meal ready for dinner for the workers! Hope you have a good weekend.

San Francisco Day One…

2016-01-20 San Francisco '16

We arrived to San Francisco on Wednesday afternoon and hailed a taxi to take us to our hotel in the theater district. Anytime there is a conference going on hotel prices seem to get jacked up. Since we had to find our own digs for this conference we found a better cost option with a boutique hotel. The rooms are smaller and no room service but at half the price we are good with that.

2016-01-20 San Francisco '161

We got checked in and headed out on foot to the Moscone Convention Center to pick up Dear’s badge for the conference. After Dear was all checked in we came back to the hotel to drop off his materials and started our uphill walk to the Mark Hopkins Hotel. We wanted to experience the view from the “Top of the Mark”.

2016-01-20 San Francisco '162

You know the streets are steep when they put in stairs! We were huffing and puffing by the time we hit California Street.

2016-01-20 San Francisco '163

The Top of the Mark affords beautiful panoramic views of San Francisco. The prices are a bit steep but we planned for it enjoying small bites, a drink and beautiful views!

2016-01-20 San Francisco '164

The sun set and we got some evening views, too.

2016-01-20 San Francisco '165

I will share the photos we took of Grace Cathedral later that happens to be on California street, too. We walked through it on our way back to the hotel. Downhill all the way, woohoo!

San Francisco '16 046It was a wonderful beginning for our time in San Francisco. We had some dessert when we made it back down the hill in the restaurant connected to our hotel.

I’m posting this now because today has been a rainy day in San Francisco and I’m spending the evening in my hotel room while Dear has a business dinner. I was quite the Seattlelite today venturing out on a hop on hop off tour of the city in the rain…on the top deck of the bus!! I’ll share the raindrop photos later!

I’ll share the rest of our San Francisco experience next week. Tomorrow we are being picked up by my first year college roommate and her husband for a few hours to catch up on what’s been going on in our lives the last 35 years or so before they drop us off at the airport for our trip back home.

Postcard from San Francisco…

Hello from San Francisco. This photo was taken from Top of the Mark at the Mark Hopkins San Francisco. I’ll share more detail from our time here when we get back home. Uploading photos takes soooo long at the hotel!

San Francisco '16 027

We put in lots of steps today to walk up to Nob Hill from our hotel. The weather was good today for us. Dear will be busy at a conference the next couple of days and I’ll be checking out the city with a friend and on my own. Hope all is well in your part of the world.