Labor of Love…

I love Easter and all that it holds and all that it means. I like the idea of new Life, a resurrected Life. The greatest Love that was demonstrated on Good Friday and the Life that was resurrected on Easter Sunday.

Here are photos of our Easter weekend labors of love and celebrations.


This was the end result of our labors on Easter Saturday. Top left an Russian Easter sweet cheese spread called Seernaya Paska. The X and the B stand for Christ is Risen. On the right is the finished and frosted Russian Easter Bread called Kulich or Paska surrounded by Russian shrink wrapped eggs. The sign in Russian on the bottom left says Christ is Risen so you see where the X and B comes from.  Now I’ll show you some of the process of getting here.


First you gather your labor force. This is my sister Lana who arrived early so that we could get the Russian Easter Bread (Kulich/Paska) started.


The rest of the laborers arrived and were donned with their aprons and head scarves.


At one point in the process of mixing the dough I thought I made a big boo boo so we prayed over the dough and Lana and I laid hands on the KitchenAid.  I didn’t want to start over again. All turned out well…

2016-03-27 easter 2016

Lana showing how her slippers match her apron. I am behind in giving a shout out to My Mother’s Apron Strings after I won this Christmas apron giveaway without knowing I even entered the contest. My sister is wearing it on the reverse side since this is Easter and not Christmas. Thank you Susan for sending the apron to me.

The other photos in the collage are of kneading the dough and shrink wrapping the boiled eggs. While the dough was rising we enjoyed lunch together. Home made tamales and beans with guacamole, chips, and Dan and Jamie’s home made salsa.

2016-03-27 easter 20161

After lunch it was time to prepare the cans and to punch down the dough after it’s first rise. The Peter Rabbit bunting was completed by Katie and hung by Laura and Katie. Josh and Laura gifted me the bunting kit for my birthday last week.

easter 2016 013

2016-03-27 easter 20162

After the second rise we punched again and prepared the dough by hand for the cans pinching off enough or almost enough for each can we picked for this time around. Short, medium and tall.

easter 2016 028

The guys were busy outside in the sunshine solving several world problems.

easter 2016 041

The finished eggs and kulich on Easter day. I’ll show more from our Easter table in another post.

When the baking was done and the cheese mold was in the refrigerator setting up for our Easter Sunday meal the kids went out to dinner with their aunt and uncle. Dear and I stayed at home and crashed…


All of our kids together enjoying each other and extended family fills us with joy and not having to make dinner for them after a full day in the kitchen was a bonus!

We love and treasure these traditions and hope to carry them on through the years and pass them on to the next generation.

I’m linking up with Tuesday’s Treasures hosted by Tom the Backroads Traveler and ABC Wednesday started by Mrs. Nesbitt and carried on by Roger and the ABC team for L is for Labors of Love. I noticed several L’s in this post like Life, Love, Lana, Laura, Lunch, and Labor force.

Hope you all had a good Easter Weekend and some of you got the bonus of Easter Monday holiday which is brilliant!

I’m also linking up to Thoughts of Home #8 with Laura at Decor to Adore.


Resurrection Day Celebration!

Easter eggs-table 044

P1050039After a great Resurrection Sunday service we headed home to make preparations for our Easter meal.

2014-04-20 Easter day

 We had our kids, Josh, Laura and Katie along with my sister Lana and hubby Steve. Our son in law Andrew celebrated Easter at Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan. We did hear that they had a Sunrise Service at the camp. Our son Dan is celebrating with his girlfriend’s family in Eastern Washington.

2014-04-20 Easter day2Our menu included rack of lamb, rice pilaf, salad and bread. For appetizers we had asparagus spears wrapped in prosciutto and broiled.

2014-04-20 Easter day1Our dessert was Italian Easter bread (Colomba)…think Paska/Kulich with strawberries.

Easter eggs-table 063

Easter eggs-table 062

Easter eggs-table 057We had fun with special shrink wrap boiled egg Matryoshka embellishments that we found at the Ukrainian market. The eggs with the XB on them are hollow chocolate eggs. The X is for Christ and the B is for arose. Here’s the shrink wrap method. With eggs that have been boiled already, you put them in the sleeve and then dip them in boiling water for about 3 seconds.

2014-04-20 Easter eggs-table2

2014-04-20 Easter eggs-table1

2014-04-20 Easter eggs-table3

Easter day 005

2014-04-20 Easter day3

2014-04-20 Easter eggs-table

Easter day 010The guys are out on the deck now enjoying the sunshine and the girls are inside enjoying relaxing on the couch while watching Property Brothers. After a busy rewarding morning and early afternoon it’s good to just sit and veg!

How was your day?