Resurrection Day Celebration!

Easter eggs-table 044

P1050039After a great Resurrection Sunday service we headed home to make preparations for our Easter meal.

2014-04-20 Easter day

 We had our kids, Josh, Laura and Katie along with my sister Lana and hubby Steve. Our son in law Andrew celebrated Easter at Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan. We did hear that they had a Sunrise Service at the camp. Our son Dan is celebrating with his girlfriend’s family in Eastern Washington.

2014-04-20 Easter day2Our menu included rack of lamb, rice pilaf, salad and bread. For appetizers we had asparagus spears wrapped in prosciutto and broiled.

2014-04-20 Easter day1Our dessert was Italian Easter bread (Colomba)…think Paska/Kulich with strawberries.

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Easter eggs-table 062

Easter eggs-table 057We had fun with special shrink wrap boiled egg Matryoshka embellishments that we found at the Ukrainian market. The eggs with the XB on them are hollow chocolate eggs. The X is for Christ and the B is for arose. Here’s the shrink wrap method. With eggs that have been boiled already, you put them in the sleeve and then dip them in boiling water for about 3 seconds.

2014-04-20 Easter eggs-table2

2014-04-20 Easter eggs-table1

2014-04-20 Easter eggs-table3

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2014-04-20 Easter day3

2014-04-20 Easter eggs-table

Easter day 010The guys are out on the deck now enjoying the sunshine and the girls are inside enjoying relaxing on the couch while watching Property Brothers. After a busy rewarding morning and early afternoon it’s good to just sit and veg!

How was your day?

It was all about the Son and…

…the sun on Easter Day!

We celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ, God’s son early on Sunday morning and then came home to prepare for our Easter meal and the sun shone brightly on us.

I walked about the yard and brought in some color from my Forsythia and Lenten Rose.

We had our traditional lamb barbecue (Shashlik) and sides for our meal. We were so happy the weather was perfect for a barbecue.

I have a confession to make. I did not bake our traditional Russian Easter Bread (Kulich/Paska) this year.
When I was in Italy I saw these in all the grocery stores advertised for Easter and decided to buy one to bring home. It worked perfectly with a texture and aroma very close to Paska.


Lombardians came up with colomba pasquale (literally “Easter dove”) and its popularity spread throughout the country until today it is an unofficial national Easter bread.There are several stories about its origins. (We have to say “of course” again; we’re talking about poetic Italians, after all.) One version has the colomba dating back to 1176, commemorating the Lombardian victory over Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa. During the deciding battle, according to this version, two doves representing the Holy Ghost miraculously appeared on the battle standards.

After our meal we headed out into the sunshine to enjoy some much needed Vitamin D!

For us fair skinned people a portable umbrella was needed to shield our skin from the hot rays! It’s a bit too early for our patio covers to go up here in the Northwest. We usually pull out the patio equipment for Mother’s Day weekend or Memorial Day weekend.

Here we are in April and today I’m checking the calendar to see what’s coming up. We have 2 weddings to attend, one local and one that involves travel the end of the month. We are also getting plans finalized for a 90th birthday party for my parents the end of April. How does April look for you?