Look Closely…

The sign on the gate caught our eye but the surrounding fence really had us investigating. Check out the stone fence surrounding this gate. The fence around this beach home near Oxnard in Southern California holds lots of surprise elements.

When my husband was working in Southern California from 2006-2010 we had a condo so on the weekends we were”foot loose and fancy free” to do whatever we wanted. We really enjoyed early morning walks at the beach and one Saturday we ventured out to the Oxnard area and spotted this house.

Here are some closeups of the wall/fence.

I’m linking up to signs, signs with Lesley and to Good Fences #75 with TexWisGirl at Run*A*Round Ranch Report.

I’m looking forward to some time in the future when Dear and I might be footloose and fancy free. Time will tell. In the meantime I’ll be content with our busy schedules and long prayer lists!