Shop Weekend

On Saturday while his daddy helped Gramps start on the shop siding Baba got to play with Jaymison. Addy and her mommy took advantage of being free of a very busy little toddler to help Granny with her yardwork since Granny was recovering from surgery. Dan and Jamie are such a blessing to both sides of the family. I’ve said before that they are not afraid of hard work.

Our little Jaymison is a cuddler for sure which is so sweet!

We spent a good amount of time putting the dollies’ shoes on and taking them off after using the swiffer (a favorite) along with vacuuming. He loves noisy tools.

Outside on Saturday was a learning curve on cutting and setting up the metal siding on the shop.  Dan came back on Sunday to finish the task on this side of the shop. We are expecting some snow this week so the pressure is on to get as much of the siding up as they can.

While the guys worked on the shop I finished clearing out the front planters to get ready for winter. This time I wore a back brace which is something I should remember to do when working on planters, weeding, etc.

It was a relief for Dear and Dan to get this side of the shop done and to understand the process better.

On this day I was able to meet our neighbor’s sister-in-law and exchange phone numbers as our neighbor has been in the hospital for weeks and ended up having to have part of his leg amputated because of a logging accident years ago. He got a prosthetic and will be in rehab for a couple more weeks. It was good to talk and get acquainted and to be a resource for any emergencies that might arise. This same neighbor lost his wife a year ago to cancer.

And then on the same day I was able to meet the neighbor two doors up from us who received a package of ours accidently from FedEx. It’s not as easy to meet country neighbors who are acres apart and I’m very grateful to know a face and a name now.

God is good to us and we see the evidence daily.

What to do with your Bounty…

When trying to lose some extra pounds put on over the last year for different reasons what is the best approach to using produce from your own fruit trees? We have an apple tree, a pear tree, and blueberry bushes on our property. Property sounds big but truth be told we only have 1/3rd of an acre. I froze much of our blueberry harvest and made applesause that is frozen from our apples but now I’m working on the pears. Everything that sounds good for pears is sweet and yummy and loaded with calories. I saw this great recipe at LazyonLoblolly and it helped me to use up some of my pears. To make your frosting look more like the Southern Living magazine photo you will need to add more powdered sugar than the recipe asks for. The frosting is delicious so I would not exhange it for caramel sauce.

So back to losing weight. If you are going to continue to use the bounty available to you from your property/garden the best remedy to gaining lots of weight is to give some away to your neighbors. I have a neighbor who is a younger widow and she would never bake a whole cake, pie, etc. for herself anymore. She gladly accepts a  piece of cake, or a piece of pie or a couple muffins from me. It’s a win win situation. I took 3 pieces of this cake to another neighbor who works full time and probably doesn’t have the same time I have to bake. Her husband and daughter would enjoy something homemade.  My sister and BIL were the other recipients of a couple pieces of this cake. My sister travels back and forth from California and even though she stills enjoys baking she also appreciates a treat from her big sister.  If you have creative ideas that need to be brought to fruition don’t abandon them. Think of ways you can share your bounty with those in your neighborhood.

Maybe this started out as an all about me and losing weight post but I hope it was warped into a better love your nieghbor as yourself post instead…

Thank you for your get well wishes! I’m feeling a lot better and happy to say I didn’t get the full on ick my husband endured…


Friday’s Fave Five

It’s almost Friday again and time to ponder some favorites from the past week! Visit Susanne at Living to Tell the Story to join in or to see other Favorites!


So on Sunday we flew back to Southern California from Washington. In a lot of ways my daily life in Southern California is easier than when I fly back to my house in Washington.

1. At the very top of my favorites this week, and probably for several weeks more, is the fact that my 911 neighbor, Summer, and her boyfriend are gone for good! I didn’t even realize the stress that their presence had on our quality of life until this week and the amazing difference we have experienced! We have peace. Peace is amazing. Peace with God is the most important thing in life but daily peace in your living conditions is way up there, too. I don’t have to tense up when I hear them come home. I don’t have to hear the yelling and screaming. I don’t have to get jolted out of a deep sleep with loud thumping on the floor and screaming. The photo of the empty deck in my collage is the deck that had their stuff on it before. That emptiness is such a welcome sight. Oh how sweet it is…

2. Starting to walk regularly again with Willow is another favorite. OK, so I put on way more poundage than I imagined and I need to cut back on food and increase my activity. On a more positive note,  it’s great here in Southern California to still see roses blooming and other plants flowering with lots of color. The Yellow rose is a photo from one of Willow and my walks.

3. Dear and I have also started walking together when he gets home from work and before we eat dinner. This has been a good time to talk and check out the neighborhood. The Sunset photo is from one of our late afternoon walks.

4. Meals for two. How easy that is. That’s one of the bonuses of my lifestyle in Southern California. We have actually eaten in for 4 nights in a row. That’s good for us. Don’t worry though, tomorrow we’re headed back to El Tecolote for our meal out!

5. The last favorite is seeing some beautiful sunrises this week. There’s something about the quiet of dawn that is wonderful to experience.

Photobucket is holding all my photos from 2007 to 2015 hostage and has replaced them all with ugly black and grey boxes asking for a ransom to have them re-published. Such a frustrating bother as I go through each post to delete the ugly boxes.