Shop Weekend

On Saturday while his daddy helped Gramps start on the shop siding Baba got to play with Jaymison. Addy and her mommy took advantage of being free of a very busy little toddler to help Granny with her yardwork since Granny was recovering from surgery. Dan and Jamie are such a blessing to both sides of the family. I’ve said before that they are not afraid of hard work.

Our little Jaymison is a cuddler for sure which is so sweet!

We spent a good amount of time putting the dollies’ shoes on and taking them off after using the swiffer (a favorite) along with vacuuming. He loves noisy tools.

Outside on Saturday was a learning curve on cutting and setting up the metal siding on the shop.  Dan came back on Sunday to finish the task on this side of the shop. We are expecting some snow this week so the pressure is on to get as much of the siding up as they can.

While the guys worked on the shop I finished clearing out the front planters to get ready for winter. This time I wore a back brace which is something I should remember to do when working on planters, weeding, etc.

It was a relief for Dear and Dan to get this side of the shop done and to understand the process better.

On this day I was able to meet our neighbor’s sister-in-law and exchange phone numbers as our neighbor has been in the hospital for weeks and ended up having to have part of his leg amputated because of a logging accident years ago. He got a prosthetic and will be in rehab for a couple more weeks. It was good to talk and get acquainted and to be a resource for any emergencies that might arise. This same neighbor lost his wife a year ago to cancer.

And then on the same day I was able to meet the neighbor two doors up from us who received a package of ours accidently from FedEx. It’s not as easy to meet country neighbors who are acres apart and I’m very grateful to know a face and a name now.

God is good to us and we see the evidence daily.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

12 thoughts on “Shop Weekend

  1. That shop looks better every day!

    Your poor neighbor, he’s been through a lot! I’m glad you got to meet his sister-in-law. I bet they’re both going to feel better knowing a neighbor will be looking out for him!

    • It’s good to see the progress on the shop and to hear about your neighbours and how you are getting to know them despite the distance between properties. The photos of little grandson playing with the toys are sweet.

  2. Sounds like a busy weekend all round. Love the photos of Jamison and you. Hope you get all your work done before the snow. Good luck to your neighbour, poor man. B x

  3. Wow – the shop siding looks great! Good neighbours like you are such a blessing! Jaymison is such a little cutie pie! Hope you get everything done before the snow. We are having unusual summer like weather here which makes it hard to believe that snow is just around the corner!

  4. Harder to meet the neighbors maybe, but now that you have I’m betting you will be closer to them in the other sense of the word than city people ever are. The shop looks great. Hope you beat the snow. Your grandson is getting so big! And staying so adorable.

  5. The shop will be done before you know it now. Great pictures of Jaymison.
    Your neighbor has been through some rough times. Nice of you to be available for emergencies. I’ve met our not so close neighbors when walking!

  6. It made me smile to know how willing you are to be an available neighbor. What a blessing you’ll be. Jaymison looks like such a cuddlebug…my favorite kind.

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