The Marine Birthday Ball ~ Oorah!

Our daughter and son-in-law attended their first Marine Birthday Ball last Friday in Wilmington, North Carolina. Last year during the ball Andrew was in Afghanistan. We are happy he is home this year to experience the fun celebration with Katie.

Day 19 of the grace challenge I am thankful for our son-in-law and his service to our country and for our daughter who supports him in his service. I am ultimately thankful to God for his protection of them.

My daughter was apologetic for not taking photos of the table scapes at the Ball. She said, “Sorry I missed the tablescapes and the food…tables were alternating red on gold(more mustard) and gold on red, with bows on chairs and napkins in alternating colors table by table. Ha! She knows her mother.

We are on the home stretch for our Thanksgiving Celebrations starting on Thursday. Today I’m making my lists! I know our Canadian neighbors celebrated Thanksgiving over a month ago. Are you preparing for Thanksgiving or are you preparing for Christmas?